Srijony Foundation Job Circular 2023শ্রীজনী ফাউন্ডেশন নিয়োগ বিজ্ঞপ্তি ২০২৩

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In the spirit of fostering user comprehension, we extend the courtesy of notifying you that Srijony Foundation reigns as one of the preeminent NGOs within the bounds of Bangladesh. Should you harbor aspirations of forging a career within the NGO echelon, your quest finds a harmonious culmination here. This is the sanctum where the original JPEG image file and PDF counterpart of Caritas Bangladesh Jobs Circular lay in waiting.

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Short Summary Of Srijony Foundation Job Circular 2023

  • Organization Name: Srijony Foundation

  • Post Name: Senior উপ-পরিচালক (MF), রিজিওনাল ম্যানেজার (MF) and এরিয়া ম্যানেজার (MF)

  • Published Date: 5 January 2023

  • Application Deadline: 30 September 2023

  • Salary: 120,000 BDT per month

  • Jobs Category: NGO Jobs

  • Total Vacancies: 17

  • Job Location: Anywhere in Bangladesh

  • Gender: Both( males and females can apply)

  • Job Source: BD Jobs

  • Application Process: Online

  • How to Apply: Send Your CV to [email protected]

Srijony Foundation Job Circular 2023

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Encompassed below are directives offering enlightenment on navigating the labyrinthine avenues leading to the application process for the Srijony Foundation Job Circular 2023— a virtual pilgrimage awaiting your footsteps at

An eclectic spectrum of aspirants ranging from HSC graduates to those triumphant in SSC, the resilient conquerors of 8th grade, venerable MBA alumni, the adept BSC Engineers, the skillful Diploma Engineers, and the scholarly Graduates find themselves endowed with the eligibility to partake in the quest for this vocation.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the vocational odyssey curated by the Srijony Foundation stands as the epitome of superlative private-sector job announcements. Should an inner voice resonate with the belief in one’s qualification for the role encapsulated within the folds of the NGO job Circular 2023, the path of action materializes as the submission of a job application, meticulously adhering to the prescribed procedural compass.

Srijony Foundation NGO Job Circular 2023 Requirements


Should you aspire to engage with the 2023 Circular for Employment Opportunities within the National NGO of Bangladesh, it becomes requisite to acquaint yourself with the prerequisites of the job. Below, we have meticulously outlined all necessary stipulations, encompassing not only the date of job posting but also the nomenclature of the post, its designated position, the nature of the roles on offer, the categorization within the job spectrum, the echelon within the organizational hierarchy, the prescribed educational qualifications, the modus operandi for application, the prerequisites pertaining to prior experience, supplementary conditions for the role, remuneration details, age-related constraints, the cutoff date for application submissions, points of contact via email and web, the physical location of the establishment, as well as the wellspring of these job listings. Thus, I invite you to peruse the requisites delineated in the 2023 Circular for Employment Opportunities within the National NGO of Bangladesh, and duly submit your application prior to the stipulated deadline.

 Srijony Foundation NGO Job Circular Requirements

Organization Name:  Srijony Foundation
Post Name: উপ-পরিচালক (MF)
রিজিওনাল ম্যানেজার (MF)
এরিয়া ম্যানেজার (MF)
Published Date: 27 August 2023
Application Start Date: 27 August 2023
Application Deadline: 30 September 2023
Number of Vacancies: 17
Educational Qualifications: Follow Job Circular Image
Experience Requirements: Follow Job Circular Image
Salary: Follow Job Circular Image
Application Fee: N/A
Gender: Both
Age Limitation : 25 – 35 years
Application Method: Online
Job Category: NGO Job
Job Location: Anywhere in Bangladesh
Job Type: BD NGO Job
Other Benefits: As Per NGO Policy
How To Apply: Send Your CV to [email protected]

NGO Information

Organization Name:
Srijony Foundation
Company Type NGO Organization
Company Address N/A
Career Link
Company Email [email protected]
Official Website:

Srijony Foundation job Circular 2023 Image

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Within the contours of the circular image lies an exhaustive repository of information pertaining to the job. Hence, an earnest perusal of the freshly unveiled Srijony Foundation NGO Job Circular 2023 illustration becomes incumbent.

Thus, it is with due purpose that we furnish below the image encapsulating the Srijony Foundation Job Circular 2023. Engage in a diligent perusal of the notification, absorbing its essence meticulously. Subsequently, gather the requisite documents and brace yourself for the impending application process.

May you have availed yourself of the Srijony Foundation Job Circular 2023 image, thereby assimilating the stipulated requisites in their entirety.

Srijony Foundation Job Circular

How to Apply: Send Your CV to [email protected]


Application Deadline: 30 September 2023


A multitude of individuals are eagerly awaiting the emergence of the Srijony Foundation Job Circular 2023. We have been apprised that the Srijony Foundation authority has recently unveiled novel job circulars spanning diverse posts within the expanse of Bangladesh.

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Engage with Srijony Foundation Job Circular 2023

Upon an exhaustive perusal of the Srijony Foundation Job Circular 2023, it is incumbent upon you to initiate the application process for the Circular.

However, for comprehensive insights into the Srijony Foundation Job Circular particulars, direct your browser to the official website accessible at

Herein, you shall obtain a comprehensive understanding of the Job Application Procedure, encompassing avenues such as Email, Physical Address, and Application Button. Furthermore, we have thoughtfully incorporated insights regarding Srijony Foundation Job Circular 2023 Application procedures and Interview Details for prospective candidates.

Should any impediments mar your path during the application process for the Srijony Foundation Job Circular 2023, do not hesitate to apprise me of the challenges you face.

Formalities of Srijony Foundation Job Circular 2023 Application

The gateway to the Srijony Foundation Job Circular 2023 now stands open. This circular elucidates the multifarious prospects for employment within the organization. Moreover, it enumerates a spectrum of advantages and remuneration structures. This comprehensive guide to employment can be unearthed on the company’s official website or within its online application portal. In the event that you intend to access the Srijony Foundation Job Circular 2023 Application Form, kindly peruse our post and navigate to the official website at With gratitude.

Initiate Srijony Foundation NGO Online Application

The Srijony Foundation Job Circular 2023 is now within reach. This circular unravels the intricate threads of various employment prospects within the organization. It also unveils an array of perks and remuneration packages. Access to this employment portal awaits on the company’s official website or its designated online application gateway.

Vacancies within Bangladesh’s National Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Sphere
Our intent is to apprise you of the Srijony Foundation’s pursuit of diverse manpower roles.

To partake in the opportunities offered by the Srijony Foundation’s job vacancies, it is incumbent upon you to meticulously complete and submit the online application form provided below. A word of caution: be mindful of the application deadline.

If you harbor an interest in contributing to the Srijony Foundation’s job sphere, seize the moment to meticulously fill out and submit the online application form below. Akin to an hourglass, the deadline beckons.

Significance of Srijony Foundation NGO Job Circular

The National Non-Governmental Organization of Bangladesh stands as a pivotal institution within the nation’s tapestry. It dispenses indispensable services to the marginalized, its legacy spanning countless years, enhancing the quality of life for the denizens of Bangladesh. This NGO’s unwavering commitment to uplift the disenfranchised, particularly the impoverished and vulnerable, has cast ripples of positive transformation throughout the nation’s fabric.

One of the cardinal advantages of affiliating with the Srijony Foundation NGO lies in the empowerment you extend to the downtrodden. Collaboratively, avenues are forged to deliver essential services, encompassing sustenance, healthcare, and education. This endeavor forges a profound impact upon the lives of Bangladesh’s residents, a noble endeavor poised to catalyze change.

Thus, for those nurturing aspirations to carve a meaningful career, we urge you to embark upon the journey presented by the Srijony Foundation NGO Job Circular, while adhering to the prescribed protocols.

Srijony Foundation NGO Job Circular 2023
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