Top 10 NGO in Bangladesh 2021

Hi Guys, Are you looking for the Top 10 NGO in Bangladesh? Then you are the right page. There are many NGO in our country are currently excelling that it’s very hard to decipher which one is the best NGO amongst all. As you know that, The NGO is usually nonprofit organizations, and many of them are active in humanitarianism or the social sciences. The Top ranking has been made on the basis of the statics of the NGOs over the years. Besides, we will show you the list of Top (NGO) non-government organizations in Bangladesh.

List of Top 10 NGOs in Bangladesh

In this part, we are going to share a list of the top 10 NGO in Bangladesh that will give you a better understanding of where these NGO Top rank inside the country.


The BRAC NGO is an international development organization based in Bangladesh. In order to receive foreign donations, BRAC was subsequently registered under the NGO Affairs Bureau of the Government of Bangladesh. As you know, BRAC is the largest non-governmental development organisation in the world, in terms of number of employees as of September 2016. Here you will find the BRAC NGO key information with the Official contact details.

Check: Brac NGO Job Circular

Key information

  • Organization Name: BRAC NGO
  • Type: Non Profit Organization
  • Founded: 1972
  • Founder: Fazle Hasan Abed
  • Total Staff: 97742
  • Yearly Revenue: 60.54 billion BDT
  • Head Office Address
    • Location: BRAC Centre- 75 Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    • Postal Code: 1212
    • E-mail ID: [email protected]
    • Contact Number: 88 02 2222 81265
    • Official Website:

    2. ASA (Association for Social Advancement)

    Asa logoASA NGO is the non-governmental organization based in Bangladesh which provides microcredit financing service. For many years, (ASA) Association for Social Advancement sought to combine social development with credit provision, but in 1991, these were abandoned, and ASA shifted its focus solely to microcredit lending. This was because they wanted to stop “donor dependence” and become specialised and financially self-sufficient. Since then, it has become a fully self-sufficient microfinance institution – operating mainly in Bangladesh, but with presence in Africa and South America. Here you will find the ASA NGO key information with the Official contact details.

    Check: ASA NGO Job Circular

    Key information

    • Organization Name: Association for Social Advancement (ASA)
    • Type: Non Profit Organization
    • Founded: 1978
    • Founder: Md. Shafiqual Haque Choudhury
    • Total Staff: 21,422+

    Head Office Address

    • Location: ASA Tower, 23/3, Bir Uttam A.N.M Nuruzzaman Sharak, Shyamoli – Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    • Postal Code: 1207
    • E-mail ID: [email protected]
    • Contact Number: +88 02 58155614
    • Official Website:

    3. Caritas Bangladesh

    caritas Bangladesh logoThe Caritas Bangladesh is a Catholic charitable organization in Bangladesh. It is a member of Caritas Internationalis and governed by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Bangladesh. As you know, The Caritas Bangladesh was founded in 1967 as the eastern branch of Caritas Pakistan. After the 1970 Bhola cyclone, it was re-organised and renamed as Christian Organization for Relief and Rehabilitation. It became a national organization on January 13, 1971. Here you will find the Caritas Bangladesh NGO key information with the Official contact details.

    Check: Caritas Bangladesh Job Circular

    Key information

    • Organization Name: Caritas Bangladesh
    • Type: Non Profit Organization
    • Founded:1967
    • President: Gervas Rozario
    • Total Staff: 6000+

    Head Office Address

    • Location: 2, Outer Circular Road, Shantibagh – Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    • Postal Code: 1217
    • E-mail ID: [email protected]
    • Contact Number: 880-2-48315405-9
    • Official Website:

    4. CARE Bangladesh

    CARE Bangladesh logoThe CARE is one of the world’s largest international humanitarian organizations, committed to helping families in poor communities improve their lives and alleviate poverty. As you know, the CARE Bangladesh amplifies the voices of the poor and marginalized in ways which influence public opinion, development practice, and policy at all levels – drawing on grassroots experience and relationships with civil society, government, and the private sector. Here you will find the CARE Bangladesh NGO key information with the Official contact details.

    Check: CARE Bangladesh Job Circular

    Key information

    • Organization Name: CARE Bangladesh
    • Type: Non Profit Organization
    • Founded: 1945
    • Founder: Akhlaq Ur-Rahman
    • Total Staff: Unknown

    Head Office Address

    • Location: RAOWA Complex (Level 7-8), VIP Road, Mohakhali – Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    • Postal Code: 1206
    • E-mail ID: bgd.[email protected]
    • Contact Number: +(880) 2 9889009, 9889073,9889122
    • Official Website:

    5. BURO Bangladesh

    BURO Bangladesh logoThe BURO Bangladesh stands for Basic Unit for Resources and Opportunities of Bangladesh. As you know, The BURO Bangladesh is a national non-government social development organization working for the poor and rural people to reduce both income and human poverty. Over the period, the organization emerges as a front ranking specialized microfinance institution. It provides high quality flexible financial and social services to one million low-income people, particularly the poor womens. Here you will find the BURO Bangladesh NGO key information with the Official contact details.

    Key information

    • Organization Name: BURO Bangladesh
    • Type: Non Profit Organization
    • Founded: 1991
    • Founder: Chandra Shekhar Ghosh
    • Total Staff: 10,000+

    Head Office Address

    • Location: House No: 12/A, Block No. CEN(F), Road No. 104, Gulshan-2, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    • Postal Code: 1212
    • E-mail ID: [email protected]
    • Contact Number: 88-02-55059860,88-02-55059861,88-02-55059862
    • Official Website:

    6. Shakti Foundation

    Shakti Foundation logoThe Shakti Foundation is a non-government organization committed to the economic and social empowerment of disadvantaged women across Bangladesh. It believes in realizing the potential of women to become strong, independent members of their communities. As you know, The Shakti began its mission with urban microfinance programs and strategically expanded its service network to reach remote rural areas. Here you will find the Shakti Foundation NGO key information with the Official contact details.

    Key information

    • Organization Name: Shakti Foundation
    • Type: Non Profit Organization
    • Founded: 1992
    • Founder: Humaira Islam
    • Total Staff: 5000+

    Head Office Address

    • Location: House 04, Road 1 (Main Road), Block A, Section- 11, Mirpur, Pallabi- Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    • Postal Code: 1216
    • E-mail ID: [email protected]
    • Contact Number: 09613-444111
    • Official Website:

    7. Jagorani Chakra Foundation (JCF)

    Jagorani Chakra Foundation logoHistory of JCF: At the end of 1975 some jubilant youths of Jessore formed Jagorani Chakra Foundation to develop the situation of poor communities. They also identified that the problem is more social and political than economical. JCF started its journey with adult literacy program and developed its own adult literacy curriculum which was a unique example at that time.

    In 1976, JCF implemented its first development intervention and started non-formal education centre for the children and in 1977 got the registration from Directorate of Social Welfare. JCF still believes education is the key to all development and it is the first priority in taking any new intervention.

    In 1981, a new horizon opened before JCF when it started working with the untouchable community, the sweeper community. The success of this intervention gave JCF courage to go with community development approach and later JCF successfully implemented a number of community development projects whose beneficiaries are now running their own people’s institution by themselves. Here you will find the Jagorani Chakra Foundation NGO key information with the Official contact details.

    Check: Jagorani Chakra Foundation Job Circular

    Key information

    • Organization Name: Jagorani Chakra Foundation
    • Type: Non Profit Organization
    • Founded: 1975
    • Founder: Md. Azadul Kabir Arzoo
    • Total Staff: 6,288+

    Head Office Address

    • Location: 46 Mujib Sarak, Jessore-7400, Bangladesh.
    • E-mail ID: [email protected]
    • Contact Number: +88-042168823
    • Official Website:

    8. TMSS (Thengamara Mohila Sabuj Sangha)

    TMSS logoThengamara Mohila Sabuj Sangha (TMSS) was established decades back in 1964 with its indigenous title ‘Thengamara Sabaj Sangha at a village named Thengamara under Sadar Upazila of Bogra District with the approval of Department of Social Welfare. During the Great War of Liberation of Bangladesh, all the documents of TMSS were burnt out and functions stopped.

    Then subsequently in 1980 the TMSS Authority expressed their inability and incapability to run the organization and decided to hand it over to Prof. Dr. Hosne Ara Begum legally and with full authority to run the show thence forward. Prof. Dr. Hosne Ara Begum reformed TSS as TMSS by as amendment resolution which incorporated the Bengali term “Mohila” keeping in view the development of women, and got it approved by the decision of majority members of the Board. Here you will find the TMSS NGO key information with the Official contact details.

    Check: TMSS Job Circular

    Key information

    • Organization Name:
    • Type: Non Profit Organization
    • Founded: 1964
    • Founder: Prof. Dr. Hosne Ara Begum
    • Total Staff: 18,000+

    Head Office Address

    • Location: 631/5, West Kazipara, Mirpur-10, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh
    • E-mail ID: [email protected]
    • Contact Number: +88-02-55073530, 55073586, 55073540, 9013659
    • Official Website:

    9. Oxfam in Bangladesh

    Oxfam in Bangladesh logoThe Oxfam’s involvement in Bangladesh began in 1970, assisting the then cyclone victims, and supporting the people of Bangladesh during the 1971 Liberation War. Oxfam was one of only three organizations honored as a Friend of the Bangladesh Liberation War in 2012. Their goal is to create a vibrant and equitable society across Bangladesh, where women and men are empowered, jointly exercising leadership and good governance towards building resilient communities.

    They work with a wide range of partners that include civil society organizations, NGO Organizations, media organizations, foreign and local universities, private sector companies, along with different levels of government. To have a significant impact on poverty and inequality, They recognize that by working with international and local civil society organizations, They can increase impact at scale and bring about transformative social change. Here you will find the Oxfam NGO Bangladesh key information with the Official contact details.

    Key information

    • Organization Name: Oxfam in Bangladesh
    • Type: Non Profit Organization
    • Founded: 1942
    • Director: Gabriela Bucher
    • Total Staff: 5000+

    Head Office Address

    • Location: RAOWA Complex, Level-8 (Southern Side) VIP Road Mohakhali, Dhaka 1206- Bangladesh
    • E-mail ID: Not available
    • Contact Number: 01673-792875
    • Official Website:

    10. Wikimedia Foundation (WMF)

    Wikimedia Foundation logoThe (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. is an American non-profit and charitable organization headquartered in San Francisco, California. The WMF foundation supports and participates in the Wikimedia movement, owning the internet domain names of its projects and hosting its websites, including Wikipedia, Wikidata, and Wikimedia Commons. The foundation was established in 2003 by Jimmy Wales as a way to fund Wikipedia and its sibling projects through non-profit means. Here you will find the Wikimedia Foundation NGO Bangladesh key information with the Official contact details.

    Key information

    • Organization Name: Wikimedia Foundation Inc.
    • Type: Non Profit Organization
    • Founded: 2003
    • Founder: Jimmy Wales
    • Total Staff: 450+

    Head Office Address

    • Location: Sheltech Niribili, 210/2 (1st Floor), New Elephant Road, Katabon, Dhaka 1205- Bangladesh.
    • E-mail ID: [email protected]
    • Contact Number: 01725-003744
    • Official Website:

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    All NGO List in Bangladesh (2500+)

    1. 3F-United Federation of Danish Workers
    2. A Shelter for Helpless Ill Children
    3. B. Foundation
    4. M. Foster Care
    5. Abalamban
    6. Abdul Momen Khan Memorial Foundation (Khan Foundation)
    7. Abdur Rashid Khan Thakur Foundation
    8. Abed Satter Pathen Foundation
    9. Abeda Mannan Foundation (AMF)
    10. ABFA-USA-INC\
    11. Abohalito Nari O Shishu Kallan Songsta (ANAMIKA)
    12. Abu Sobhan Welfare Trust
    13. Academy for Educational Development (AED)
    14. Access Bangladesh Foundation
    15. Access Toward Livelihood and Welfare Organisation (ALWO)
    16. ACDI/VOCA
    17. Acid Survivours Foundation
    18. Acrapital Lead Organisation (ALO)
    19. Action Aid- Bangladesh
    20. Action Contre La Faim
    21. Action Five
    22. Action for Enterprise
    23. Action for Rural Poor (ARP)
    24. Action for Social Development (ASD)
    25. Action in Bangladesh
    26. Action on Disability & Development
    27. Activities for the Landless Organised with Consciousness (ALOC)
    28. Activity for Reformation of Basic Needs-ARBAN
    29. ADAMS (Association for Development Activity of Manifold Social Work)
    30. Adarsha Kajer Sandhanay (AKAS)
    31. Adarsha Palli Unnayan Sangstha
    32. Adarsha Seba Sangstha
    33. Ad-Din Welfare Centre
    34. Adhikar Unnayan Sangstha
    35. Adhunik
    36. Adhunika Bangladesh Society (ABS)
    37. Adibashi Unnayan Sangstha
    38. Adibasi Development Organization (ADO)
    39. Adivashi Samaj Unnayan Sangstha
    40. ADORE
    41. Advance Life Organization (ALO)
    42. Advancing Public Interest Trust (APIT)
    43. Adventist Development & Relief Agency International (ADRA)
    44. Agape
    45. Agape Bangladesh
    46. Agape Social Concern
    47. Agency for Integrated Development
    48. Agradutl Sangstha
    49. Agragati
    50. Agragati Seba Sangstha (ASS)
    51. Agrajatra Samaj Unnayan Sangstha
    52. Agrajattra
    53. Agrani Mohila Unnayan Sangstha
    54. Agrasar Buddha Anathalaya
    55. Agrasara Memorial Society of Bangladesh
    56. Agriculture Advisory Society
    57. Agriculture Sustainable and Socio Economic Development Organization (ASSEDO)
    58. Agrogoti Sangstha
    59. Aid Bangla
    60. Aid for Poor People (APP)
    61. AID Foundation
    62. Aid Organization
    63. AIDA, Ayuda, Intercambio Y Desarrollo
    64. Aids Awareness Foundation
    65. Aiging Resource Centre Bangladesh
    66. AIMS (Association of Integrated Management for Survivors)
    67. Ain-O-Salish Kendra
    68. Akaas Foundation
    69. Akkel Ali Master Foundation
    70. Akota
    71. Akota Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (ASUS)
    72. Al Basher International Foundation
    73. Al Haramain Islamic Foundation
    74. Al Ihsan Social Development Center
    75. Al Jameatul Islamiah Al Arabia Mozaher Ulum
    76. Al Jamiah Al Islamiah
    77. Al Manahil Welfare Foundation Bangladesh
    78. Al Markazul Islami
    79. Al -Watan Charitable Society
    80. Alacrity for Poverty Alleviation in Bangladesh (APAB)
    81. Al-Amanah Samaj Kallayan Sangstha
    82. Al-Falah Bangladesh
    83. Al-Forqan Foundation
    84. Allama Abul Khair Foundation
    85. Allama Fazlullah Foundation
    86. Alliance for Cooperation and Legal Aid Bangladesh (ACLAB)
    87. Al-Manar Islami Sangstha
    88. ALO
    89. Aloha Social Services Bangladesh
    90. Alok Bangla (An Initiative to Promote People’s Self-Help)
    91. Alokito Manob Unnayan Songstha (AMUS)
    92. Alokito Path
    93. Alokon
    94. Alor Disha Mohila Sangstha
    95. Alor Dishari Sangstha (ADS)
    96. Alor Dishary Mohila Unnayan Sangstha
    97. Alor Pathe Nobojatray Foundation
    98. Alor Pothey
    99. Alor Sandhan Samaj Sebi Sangathan
    100. Aloran
    101. Aloshika Social Development
    102. Organization
    103. Aloshikha Rajihar Social Development Centre
    104. Aloshikha Womens Welfare Association
    105. Alternative Approach
    106. Alternative Development Initiative
    107. Alternative Development Society (ADS)
    108. AMAN (Association for Muslim Advancement Network)
    109. Amar Hasna Meherun Ness Jano Kallayan Sangstha
    110. Ambala Foundation
    111. American Center for International Labour Solidarity
    112. Amity Manab Unnayan Sangstha
    113. Amra Desher Shokti
    114. Amra Kaj Kory (AKK)
    115. Amra Kichhu Kori
    116. AMRAH
    117. Amrai Pari Paribarik Nirzaton Pratirodh Jote
    118. Amrock Academy Society
    119. AMWAB (Association of Muslim Welfare Agencies in Bangladesh)
    120. An Organization for Socio Economic Development (AOSED)
    121. Anando
    122. Anannya Jubo Mohila Samiti (AJMS)
    123. Anannya Mohila Samity
    124. Anannya Samaj Kallyan Sangstha
    125. Anderi Hilf Bangladesh
    126. Andho Kollyan Samity- Patuakhali
    127. Angikar Jonokollyan Sangstha
    128. Angikar Manob Kalyan Kendra
    129. Animation Liberate for Organisation (ALO)
    130. Anirban Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (ASUS)
    131. Ankur ICT Development Foundation
    132. Annanah Sangstha
    133. Annesha Foundation (AF)
    134. Annopurna Janakallayan Sangstha
    135. Antar Society for Development
    136. Anukul Foundation
    137. Anuvab
    138. Aparajeyo Bangladesh
    139. Apex
    140. Apex Foundation
    141. Appeal Action for People with Employment and Appropriate Literacy
    142. Arafah Shakti Foundation
    143. ARAM Foundation
    144. Area Develoment Organization (ADO)
    145. Arenda Mohila Kallyan Samity (AMKS)
    146. ARK Foundation
    147. Arnout Education and Growth Foundation
    148. Arsenic Mitigation and Research Foundation
    149. Arshi Nagar Sebamulak Unnayan Sangstha
    150. Arter Asha
    151. Article 19
    152. Arto Manobota Unnayan Sangstha(AMUS)
    153. Aruni Samaj Kallayan Sagstha
    154. ASA
    155. Asar Alo Mohila Unnayan Sangstha
    156. ASD-Bangladesh (Association for Sustainable Development in Bangladesh)
    157. ASDDW (Association for Social Development & Distressed Welfare)
    158. Ased Habigonj (Association for Socio Economic Development)
    159. Ashaash Mohila Unnayan Sangstha
    160. Ashar Alo
    161. Ashar Alo Kollyan Songstha
    162. Ashar Alo Society
    163. Ashirbad
    164. Asho Jati Gori
    165. Asho Samaj Gori (ASG)
    166. ASHOKA : Innovators for the Public
    167. Ashokta Punarbashan Sangstha
    168. Ashokti Punarbashan Nibash (APON)
    169. Ashraf Foundation
    170. ASHRAI
    171. Ashroy Foundation
    172. Ashroy Mohila Samity
    173. Ashtha Social Development Organisation
    174. Asia Arsenic Network
    175. Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre
    176. Asian Industrial and Technical Development Association (AITDA)
    177. Asian Institute of Millennium Environment and Development (AIMED)
    178. Asiatic Society of Bangladesh
    179. Aso Gori Sonar Bangla
    180. Aspada Paribesh Unnayan Foundation
    181. Asrayyan Sheba Sangstha (ASS)
    182. Assemblies of God Mission
    183. Assistance for Blind Children (ABC)
    184. Assistance for Development Programme (ADP)
    185. Assistance for Humanitarian Development (AHD)
    186. Assistance for Poor Peoples of Bangladesh (APPB)
    187. Assistance for Social Organisation & Development (ASOD)
    188. Assistance for the Livelihood of the Origins (ALO)
    189. Associate Social Improvement Foundation (ASIF)
    190. Associates in Community and Rural Development (ACORD)
    191. Associates In Training And Management (AITAS)
    192. Association for Alternative Development (AFAD)
    193. Association for Bangladesh Integrated Rural Development (ABIRD)
    194. Association for Bangladesh Social Advancement (ABSA)
    195. Association for Better Social Expectation
    196. Association for Community Development
    197. Association for Development & Social Work
    198. Association for Disaster Mitigation & Development
    199. Association for Environment and Human Resource Development
    200. Association for Initiatives of Development (AFID)
    201. Association for Integrated Development (AID)
    1. Association For Integrated Development Comilla
    2. Association for Integrated Human Development (AIHD)
    3. Association for Integrated Socio Economic Development forUnder Privileged People (AISDUP)
    4. Association for Land Reform and Development
    5. Association for Legal Aid to Poor (ALAP)
    6. Association for Love the Children
    7. Association for Multi Development Program for Poor and Destitute (AMPPD)
    8. Association for Nutritional Development & Rural Advancement (ANDRA)
    9. Association for Peo;es Development Strem
    10. Association for Pisciculture and Cattle Development (APCD)
    11. Association for Prevention of Septic Abortion, Bangladesh.
    12. Association for Realisation of Basic Needs (ARBAN)
    13. Association for Renovation of Community Health Education Services(ARCHES)
    14. Association for Rights & Peace
    15. Association for Rural Advancement in Bangladesh(ARAB)
    16. Association for Rural Advancement in Bangladesh(ARAB)
    17. Association for Rural Advancement in Bangladesh(ARAB)
    18. Association for Rural Distress People (ARDP)
    19. Association for Rural Peoples Advancement (ARPA)
    20. Association for Rural Poor
    21. Association for Rural Society-ARS
    22. Association for Sanitation and Economic Development
    23. Association for Social Action and Improvment (ASAI)
    24. Association for Social Advancement and Rural Rehabilitation (ASAR)
    25. Association for Social Development
    26. Association for Social Development Organisation (ASDO)
    27. Association for Social Economic Development(ASED)
    28. Association for Social Organisation in Paharpur (ASOP)
    29. Association for Society Actual Development (ASAD)
    30. Association for Socio Economic Advancement of Bangladesh (ASEAB)
    31. Association for Socio Economic Advancement of Bangladesh (ASEAB)
    32. Association for Sustainable and Integrated Development (ASID) Bangladesh
    33. Association for the Disabled Development (ADD)
    34. Association for the Welfare of the Disabled People (AWDP)
    35. Association for Underprivileged Peoples Education and Welfare Programme (AUPEWP)
    36. Association for Urban and Rural Development (AURD)
    37. Association for Village Advancement (AVA)
    38. Association for Women Empowerment and Child Rights (AWAC)
    39. Association of Baptist
    40. Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh (ADAB)
    41. Association of Development for Economic & Social Help (ADESH)
    42. Association of Grassroots Women Entrypreneurs Bangladesh (AGWEB)
    43. Association of Human Development Program (AHDP)
    44. Association of Local Internal Vision Enlightenment (ALIVE)
    45. Association of Medical Doctors for Asia (AMDA)
    46. Association of the Welfare of Disabled Children
    47. Association of Voluntary Action for Society (AVAS)
    48. Association of Volunteers for Rural Dev. of Bangladesh
    49. Association of Workers For Alternative Rural Development (AWARD)
    50. Association of Zonal Approach Development (AZAD)
    51. ASTHA (An Association of Rural Development & Authentic Help)
    52. Atma Biswas
    53. Atmanirvarshil Samaj Unnayan Protisthan (ASUP)
    54. Attma Shahajjo Karmasuchi
    55. Aungkur Palli Unnayan Kendra
    56. Aungon Mohila Sangstha
    57. Aurovindo Shishu Hospital
    58. Austcare
    59. Austha Manabik Unnayan Kendra
    60. Australian Baptist Misionary Society, The
    61. Ava Development Society
    62. Awaj Foundation
    63. Ayesha Abed Foundation
    64. AYON
    65. Azad Unnayan Sangstha
    66. B B Foundation
    67. Badda Self Helf Centre
    68. Badhu Mata Seba Samity
    69. Badiakhali Dustha Mata Mohila Samity
    70. Badiakhali Tran & Punorbasan Sangstha
    71. Baghni Nivedita Manchya
    72. Bahumukhi Desh Unnayan Sangsad
    73. Bahumukhi Milon Sangha
    74. Bahumukhi Mohila Unnayan Samity
    75. Bahumukhi Unnayan Society
    76. Bakergonj Forum
    77. BALAKA
    78. Balanced Economic & Social Development Association(BESDA)
    79. Balipara Nari Kallyan Samity (BNAS)
    80. Banaful Social Welfare Organisation
    81. Banchte Chai Samaj Unnayan Samity
    82. Banchte Shekha (BS)
    83. Bandan Samaj Unnayan Sangstha
    84. Bandan Society
    85. Bandhan Bahumukhi Samajik Unnayan Sangstha
    86. Bandhan, Noakhali
    87. Bandhan’79
    88. Bandhu Social Welfare Society
    89. Banga Jananee (BJ)
    90. Bangali Foundation
    91. Bangio Sangskritic Chakra (BSC)
    92. Bangla Hope
    93. Bangladesh ‘2000
    94. Bangladesh Academy for Agriculture
    95. Bangladesh Agricultural Working Peoples Association (BAWPA)
    96. Bangladesh Aids Prevention Society (BAPS)
    97. Bangladesh Alliance for Social Equity Foundation
    98. Bangladesh Alliance for Women Leadership
    99. Bangladesh Association for Community Education (BACE)
    100. Bangladesh Association for Maternal & Neonatal Health (BAMANEH)
    1. Bangladesh Association for Social Advancement (BASA)
    2. Bangladesh Association for Social and Economic Development (BASED)
    3. Bangladesh Association for Sustainable Development
    4. Bangladesh Association for the Aged & Institute of Geriatric Medicine
    5. Bangladesh Association for Voluntry Sterilization (BAVS)
    6. Bangladesh Association of Women for Self Empowerment(BAWSE)
    7. Bangladesh Auxiliary Services for Social Advancement (BASSA)
    8. Bangladesh Bible Society
    9. Bangladesh Birth Control &Family Welfare Association
    10. Bangladesh Blind Mission
    11. Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation
    12. Bangladesh Brestfeeding Foundation
    13. Bangladesh Buddhist Missionary Society
    14. Bangladesh Center for Advance Studies
    15. Bangladesh Center for Workers Solidarity (BCWS)
    16. Bangladesh Centre for Communication Programs (BCCP)
    17. Bangladesh Centre for Development Journalism & Communication
    18. Bangladesh Centre for Development Program
    19. Bangladesh Chashi Kallyan Samity
    20. Bangladesh Council for Child Welfare
    21. Bangladesh Daridra Bimochan Sangstha
    22. Bangladesh Development Initiative
    23. Bangladesh Development Partnership Centre (BDPC)
    24. Bangladesh Development Service Centre
    25. Bangladesh Development Society (BDS)
    26. Bangladesh Dev-Tec Associates
    27. Bangladesh Disabled Development Trust-BDDT
    28. Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Center
    29. Bangladesh Dristihin Foundation (B.D.F.)
    30. Bangladesh Dynamic Society
    31. Bangladesh Education & Technology Society
    32. Bangladesh Environment & Development Society (BEDS)
    33. Bangladesh Environment, Health and Education Program (BEHEP)
    34. Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA)
    35. Bangladesh Evergreen Hosanna Council International
    36. Bangladesh Every Home Contact
    37. Bangladesh Extension Education Service (BEES)
    38. Bangladesh Eye Care Society
    39. Bangladesh Fellowship Foundation
    40. Bangladesh Female Academy
    41. Bangladesh Freedom Foundation
    42. Bangladesh Friendship Education Society (BFES)
    43. Bangladesh Fund Raising Group (BFRG)
    44. Bangladesh Gram Bikash Sangstha
    45. Bangladesh Health Foundation
    46. Bangladesh Helpless Assistance Rural Organisation For Social Advancement (BHAROSA)
    47. Bangladesh Hospital Trust
    48. Bangladesh Human Rights & Resources Development Society
    49. Bangladesh Ideal Youth Development Centre (BIYDC)
    50. Bangladesh Ignight Youth Society (BIYS)
    51. Bangladesh Institute of Apiculture (BIA)
    52. Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought (BIIT)
    53. Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies (BILS)
    54. Bangladesh Institute of Research and Development(BIRD)
    55. Bangladesh Institute of Theater Arts (BITA)
    56. Bangladesh Integrated (BICD)
    57. Bangladesh Integrated Rural Based Association (BIRBA)
    58. Bangladesh Integrated Social Advancement Program (BISAP)
    59. Bangladesh Inter Religious Council for Peace And Justice (BICPAJ)
    60. Bangladesh Japan Institutional Social Welfare Organization
    61. Bangladesh Jatio Andha Kallyan Samity, Comilla
    62. Bangladesh Jatiyatabadi Kallyan Parishad.
    63. Bangladesh Jatiyo Mohila Ainjibi Samity
    64. Bangladesh Labour Research Institute
    65. Bangladesh Labour Welfare Foundation
    66. Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust, The
    67. Bangladesh Lutheran Mission, Danish (BLM-D)
    68. Bangladesh Lutheran Mission, Finnish
    69. Bangladesh Lutheran Mission, Norwegian (BLM-N)
    70. Bangladesh Manabadhikar Commission
    71. Bangladesh Manabadhikar Samannoy Parishad
    72. Bangladesh Mannobadikhar Sangbadik Forum
    73. Bangladesh Maobadhiker O Paribesh Andolon
    74. Bangladesh Marma Buddisht Association (BMBA)
    75. Bangladesh Masjid Mission
    76. Bangladesh Medical Relief Dhaka Foundation
    77. Bangladesh Migrant Welfare Organization
    78. Bangladesh Mission Foreign Mission Board Southern Baptist Convension
    79. Bangladesh Mohila Parishad
    80. Bangladesh Mohila Samity
    81. Bangladesh Mohila Sangha
    82. Bangladesh Mohila Sangha Narayanganj
    83. Bangladesh Mohila Unnayan Samity
    84. Bangladesh Mohila Unnayan Sangstha (BAMUS)
    85. Bangladesh Nari Adhiker Bastabayan Sangstha
    86. Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangha
    87. Bangladesh National Society for the Blind (BNSB)
    88. Bangladesh Nature Foundation
    89. Bangladesh Nazarene Mission
    90. Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC)
    91. Bangladesh Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Foundation
    92. Bangladesh Organation for Social Service (BOSS)
    93. Bangladesh Organisation for Disabled Advancement (BODA)
    94. Bangladesh Ovibashi Mohila Sramik Association
    95. Bangladesh Peace and Development Mission
    96. Bangladesh Poor Women Development Association (BPWDA)
    97. Bangladesh Population Crisis Committee
    98. Bangladesh Poush
    99. Bangladesh Poverty Alleviation Co-Movement (BPAC)
    100. Bangladesh Pratibandi Kalyan Somity (BPKS)
    1. Bangladesh Pratibandi Kalyan Somity (BPKS)
    2. Bangladesh Progoti Sangstha (BPS)
    3. Bangladesh Protibandhi Foundations
    4. Bangladesh Protibandhi Unnayan Sangstha (BPUS)
    5. Bangladesh Protibandi Progati Sangstha -BPPS
    6. Bangladesh Rehabilitation Center for Troma Victimes
    7. Bangladesh Resource Improvement Trust (BRIT)
    8. Bangladesh Rural Development (BRDC)
    9. Bangladesh Rural Advancement Society (BRAS)
    10. Bangladesh Rural Advancement through Voluntary Enterprises (BRAVE)
    11. Bangladesh Rural and Urban Development Organization (BRUDO)
    12. Bangladesh Rural Association for Development (BRAD)
    13. Bangladesh Rural Development Organization (BRDO)
    14. Bangladesh Rural Economic Development (BRED)
    15. Bangladesh Rural Improvement Foundation (BRIF)
    16. Bangladesh Rural Integrated Ellevation Foundation
    17. Bangladesh Rural Medical Association
    18. Bangladesh Scholarship Council (BSC)
    19. Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum
    20. Bangladesh Social Assistance and Rehabilitation Foundation (BSARF)
    21. Bangladesh Social Development Academy
    22. Bangladesh Social Development Organization (BASDO)
    23. Bangladesh Social Development Organization (BSDO)
    24. Bangladesh Social Service (BSS)
    25. Bangladesh Society for Disabled
    26. Bangladesh Society for the Enforcement of Human Rights
    27. Bangladesh Sonali Sangstha
    28. Bangladesh Sramajibi Mohila Samity
    29. Bangladesh Telecentre Network
    30. Bangladesh Thalassaemia Samity
    31. Bangladesh Theological Seminary
    32. Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad
    33. Bangladesh Village Development
    34. Bangladesh Visually Impaired People’s Society
    35. Bangladesh Watch Tower Society
    36. Bangladesh Woman’s Health Coalition
    37. Bangladesh Youth Enterprise Advice and Help Center
    38. Bangladesh Youth First Concerns (BYFC)
    39. Bangladesh Youth Leadership Centre
    40. Bangladeshi Mental Health Association
    41. Bangla-German Sampreti (BGS)
    42. Banoful
    43. Banosree Nari Unnayan Foundation
    44. Baptist Aid Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship (Baptist Aid-Phone: 01720-206214
    45. Baptist Mid Mission Bangladesh
    46. Baptist Missionary Society (British)
    47. Baraigaon Orphanage
    48. BARCIK
    49. Barendra Advancement Integrated Committee (BAIC)
    50. Barendra Bhumi Social Development Organisation
    51. Barendra Development Foundation (BDF)
    52. Barendra Development Organisation (BDO)
    53. Barguna Nari Jagaran Karmosuchi (JAGO-NARI)
    54. Barguna Women Development Society (BWCS)
    55. Bari Nagar Samaj Kalyan Sangstha
    56. Barisal Disabled Peoples Organization
    57. Barisal Samaj Unnayan Sangstha
    58. Barisal Social Advancement Society (BASAS)
    59. Barisal Unnayan Sangstha
    60. Barna Samaj Kallayan Sangstha
    61. Barnaly
    62. Barobari Samaj Unnayan Sangstha
    63. Basati (Joibo Nibir Protibesh
    64. Rokhai Samajik Uddog)
    65. Basco Foundation
    66. Bashaboo Friends Association (BFA)
    67. Basic Development Partner (BDP)
    68. Basic Organization Network for Development and Humanitarian Aid for Nation (BONDHAN)
    69. Basic Rights Initiative
    70. Basic Unit for Resources and Opportunity of Bangladesh ‘Buro Bangladesh”
    71. Bastob Initiative for Peoples Self Development
    72. BASUG-Diaspora & Development (Bangladesh Chapter)
    73. Basundhara Social Development Society
    74. BBC World Service Trust
    75. BCC Foundation
    76. Becon Samaj Unnayan Sangstha
    77. BEDO
    78. Beez Bistar Foundation
    79. Bekar Youth Helping Through Alternative & Nurtured Development (BY HAND)
    80. Belayet Husain Foundation
    81. Betagi Goodwill School Foundation
    82. BHN Association
    83. Bhola Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (BSUS)
    84. Bhola Seba Sangha (BSS)
    85. Bhumij Foundation
    86. Bhumista
    87. Bichitra Unnayan Sangstha (BUS)
    88. Bihango Mohila Sangstha
    89. Bikalpa Unnayan Karmasuchi (BUK)
    90. Bikash
    91. Bikash-Bangladesh
    92. Bikrampur Ayeen Sahajja Sangstha
    93. Bilchalan Development Service Centre
    94. BINA Sangstha
    95. Birishiri Bahumukhi Mahila Samabay Samity
    96. Bishwa Sahitya Kendra (World Literature Centre)
    97. Bishya Muktibani Sangstha
    98. Biswas Foundation
    99. Bittahin Bhaggyodoy Songothan (BIVAS)
    100. BIVA
    101. Blind Education & Rehabilitation Development Organisation (BERDO)
    102. Boalia Islamia Madrasha & Etimkhana
    1. Bohubrihy
    2. Bohumukhi Polly Unnayan Sangstha
    3. Bonochaya Mohila Kallayan Somity
    4. Bonoful Foundation
    5. Bonolata Samaj Kalyan Sangstha
    6. Borgang Foundation
    7. BPS (Bangladesh Patriot Society)
    8. BRAC
    9. BRAYDS
    10. Breaking the Silence
    11. BRIC Bangladesh Resource Improvement Centre
    12. Bridge Education and Health Foundation (BEHF)
    13. Bridge Society
    14. BRIDGE-Bangladesh Rural Integrated Development for Grub Street Economy
    15. Bright Bangladesh Forum
    16. Brotee Samaj Kallayan Sangstha
    17. Bulbul Samaj Kalyan Sangstha
    18. Bureau of Human Rights Bangladesh (BHRB)
    19. Calvary Apostolic Church
    20. Campaign for Sustainable Development (CSD)
    21. Canadian University Service Overseas (CUSO)
    22. CAP Anamur
    23. CARE -Bangladesh
    24. CARITAS – Bangladesh
    25. Caritas Switzerland
    26. Catalist
    27. CBM Country Co-ordination Office, Bangladesh
    28. Center for Indigenous Peoples Research & Development
    29. Center for Integrated Program and Development
    30. Center for Men and Masculinities Studies (CMMS)
    31. Center for Natural Resource Studies(CNRS)
    32. Center for Orientation and Educational (COE)
    33. Center for Participatory Research & Development
    34. Center for Rural Child Development (CRCD)
    35. Center for Rural Service Society
    36. Center for Social Development
    37. Center for the Defence of Human Rights
    38. Center for Upliftment of Rural Economy (CURE)
    39. Centre for Advd. Res. in Natural Resources and Management (CARINAM)
    40. Centre for Agribusiness and Community Development (ABCD)
    41. Centre for Alleviation of Rural Poverty
    42. Centre for Analysis & Choice
    43. Centre for Asian Theatre (CAT)
    44. Centre for Coastal Environmental Conservation (CCEC)
    45. Centre for Community Development & Research
    46. Centre for Community Development Assistance (CCDA)
    47. Centre for Community Development Services
    48. Centre for Development and Peace (CDP)
    49. Centre for Development Communication
    50. Centre for Development of the Poor
    51. Centre for Development Programme
    52. Centre for Development Services (CDS)
    53. Centre for Differently Abled (CDA)
    54. Centre for Disability in Development (CDD)
    55. Centre for Education, Creative and Performing Arts
    56. Centre for Health, Education,Environment Development and Democracy
    57. Centre for Injury Prevention and Research, Bangladesh (CIPRB)
    58. Centre for Integrated Social Development (CISD)
    59. Centre for Mass Education in Science (CMES)
    60. Centre for Policy Dialogue
    61. Centre for Rehabilitation of Torture Survivors (CRTS)
    62. Centre for Rights and Development (CRD)
    63. Centre for Services And Information On Disability
    64. Centre for Sustainable Development
    65. Centre for Sustainable Development and Research (CSDR)
    66. Centre for Urban and Rural Development (CURD)
    67. Centre for Women and Children Studies (CWCS)
    68. Centre fro Capacity Building of Voluntary Organization (CCBVO)
    69. Ceshires Foundation Homes- Bangladesh
    70. Chaindha Rakkhita Shishu Sadan
    71. Chak Dhadash Daridro Bimochon Somaj Unnion Kormo Songstha
    72. Chakrabak Samaj Kalyan Sangsad
    73. Chal Chal Foundation
    74. Chalanbeel Dustha Mahila Shangstha
    75. Chalantika Jubo Society
    76. Chalktilok Bahumukhi Samabay Samity
    77. Chalna Bandor Mahila Samity
    78. Chalo Kaj Kori
    79. Chandpur Atma Nibedita Mohila Songstha
    80. Chandpur Socio-Economic Development Organization (CSEDO)
    81. Chandradip Development Society
    82. Change
    83. Change and Development (CAD)
    84. Changemaker: Society for Social and Economic Development
    85. Char Fashion Orphanage
    86. Charity Foundation (CF)
    87. Char-O-Janata Unnayan Sangshta (CJUS)
    88. Chayakunja Development Society
    89. Chemf
    90. Chetana Mohila Sangstha
    91. Chetana Samaj Kallyan Kendra
    92. Chetona
    93. Chetona Manobik Unnayan Sangstha
    94. Chetona, Paribesh & Manob Unnayan Sangstha
    95. Child Development Forum
    96. Child Health Awareness Foundation
    97. Child Sight Foundation
    98. Children Development Program Mayanir
    99. Children Heart Foundation and Research, Dhaka
    100. Children’s Charter Foundation
    1. Childrens Hope
    2. Children’s Television Foundation of Bangladesh
    3. Chilmari Distressed Development Foundation
    4. Chilmari Palli Unnayan Foundation
    5. Chinishpur Dipshikha Mohila Samity
    6. Chinnamukul Bangladesh
    7. Chinnamul Shishu Kishore
    8. Chinnomul Foundation
    9. Chintak Associationfor Cultural Advancement (CHACA)
    10. Chitra Mohila Samity
    11. Chitra Unnayan Kendra
    12. Chittagong Lions Foundation, The
    13. Chittagong Society for the Disabled
    14. Chittagong Women Working for Family Planning & Welfare
    15. Christan Service International
    16. Christian Aid
    17. Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB)
    18. Christian Life Bangladesh
    19. Christian Ministry to Children and Youth (CMCR)
    20. Christian Mission Hospital
    21. Christian Service Society
    22. Chuadanga Poura Unnayan Samity
    23. Church of Bangladesh Social Development Programme
    24. Churches of God Mission
    25. Civic Bangladesh
    26. Civil Service College, Dhaka.
    27. Coalition for the Urban Poor (CUP)
    28. Coastal Area Resource Development and Management Association (CARDMA)
    29. Coastal Association for Social Transformation (Coast Trust)
    30. Coastal Development Partnership
    31. Coastal Fisherfolk Community Network (COFCOM)
    32. Coastal Resource Centre (CRC)
    33. Coastal Volunteer Corps
    34. College of Christian Theology Bangladesh
    35. Come To the Work
    36. Comilla Athonavatha Mahalia Sunghata
    37. Comilla Proshika Centre for Development
    38. Commitment for Advanced Learning Society (CALS)
    39. Commitment for Rural Development
    40. Committed Organisation for Development Extension Services (CODES)
    41. Communities Rural Organization for Social Service (CROSS)
    42. Community Advancement Forum (CAF)
    43. Community Assistance for Rural Development (CARD)
    44. Community Development Advancement
    45. Community Development and Health Care Centre (CDHC)
    46. Community Development Association
    47. Community Development Association
    48. Community Development Centre
    49. Community Development Centre of Bangladesh (CDCB)
    50. Community Development Foundation
    51. Community Development Library (CDL)
    52. Community Development Partnership
    53. Community Development Programme (CDP)
    54. Community Development Society (CDS)
    55. Community Health Care Project
    56. Community Health Development Society
    57. Community Life (CL)]
    58. Community Organization for Livelihood Improvement (COLI)
    59. Community Participation and Development
    60. Community Participation for Health and Development (CPHD)
    61. Community Reconstruction Centre
    62. Community Recovery International Bangladesh
    63. Community Service Centre (CSC)
    64. Community Welfare Foundation
    65. Compassion International Bangladesh
    66. Compate
    67. Comprehensive Programme for Rural Advancement
    68. Comptech Bangladesh
    69. Comunity Eye Care and Research Centre
    70. CONCERN – Worldwide
    71. Concern On National Problems
    72. Concern Services for Disabled (CSD)
    73. Concern Universal
    74. Concern with Environmental Development and Research (CEDER)
    75. Concerned Women for Family Development.
    76. Conciousness Raising Centre (CRC)
    77. Confidence
    78. Confidential Approach to Aids Prevention
    79. Conservation of Environment & Empowerment of the Poor(SEEP)
    80. Consumers Association of Bangladesh
    81. Coop Benedict Memorial Society (CBMS)
    82. Co-operation for Small Organisations (CSO)
    83. Co-operation in Development of Bangladesh
    84. Co-operative Credit Union League of Bangladesh, The
    85. Counterpart International Inc.
    86. Country Development Organization
    87. Country Vision
    88. Cox’s Bazar Baitus Sharaf Hospital
    89. Credit & Development Forum (CDF)
    90. Crescent
    91. CRUD (Committee for Rural & Urban Development)
    92. Cultural Movement for Human Development
    93. Dackhin Anchalio Dariddo Bimochan Sangstha
    94. Daff Bangladesh
    95. Dak Diya Jai
    97. Dalit
    98. Damien Foundation
    99. Dancharch Aid
    100. Danish Bangladesh Laprosy Mission
    1. Danish Refugee Council
    2. Daradi
    3. Darial Union Jono Kalyan Sangstha (DUJKS)
    4. Daridra Bimochan shahyak Karmoshuchi
    5. Daridra Bimochon Sagstha
    6. Daridra Manabik Unnayan Sangstha
    7. Daridra Mochan Prochasta
    8. Daridra Nibaron Kendra
    9. Daridraya Nerosan Prochesta (DNP)
    10. Darpan Jana Kallyan Samity
    11. Darul Ihsan Trust
    12. Darul Kidmah Wal Falah Bangladesh
    13. Darul Quran Foundation
    14. Dascoh Foundation
    15. Dayemi Complex Bangladesh
    16. Dayemi Foundation
    17. Debi Chowdhurani Palli Unnayan Kendra
    18. Debidwar Faizunnesa Foundation
    19. Deep Eye Care Foundation
    20. Deep Swastho Shikkha Kalyan Foundation
    21. Deepte Bhuban
    22. Dehergati Matri Mangal Samaj Seba Samity
    23. Democracy Watch
    24. Desh Bangla Development Association for Women
    25. Desh Bangla kallyan Parishad
    26. Desh Chetona
    27. Desh Kalyan Sangstha (DEKAS)
    28. Desh Mongol Sangstha
    29. Desh Seba Sangstha
    30. Desh Shomaj Kallan Shongstha (DSKS)
    31. Deshgram Manab Sampad & Paribash Unnayan Sangstha
    32. Destitute Child and Human Development Organisation (DCHDO)
    33. Develop Humanitarionism for the Under Privilized Foundation (DHUP Foundation)
    34. Development Activities of Society-DAS
    35. Development and Welfare for the Needy
    36. Development Association for Basic Improvement (DABI)
    37. Development Association for Rural People (DARP)
    38. Development Association for Youth
    39. Development Centre International (DCI)
    40. Development Council (DC)
    41. Development Equality & Emancipation for Disadvantaged Peoples in Bangladesh
    42. Development for Disadvantaged People (DDP)
    43. Development for Human Society
    44. Development for Society
    45. Development for the Poor
    46. Development For Unemployment of Poor people and Environment (DUPPE)
    47. Development Idea Sharing Agency (DISA)
    48. Development Initiative for Social Advancement (DISA)
    49. Development Initiative for the Poor
    50. Development Institute for Social and Human Affairs
    51. Development of Biotechnology and Environmental Conservation Centre (DEVTEC)
    52. Development of Educational Service for Human (DESH)
    53. Development of Environment Education of Human Socio-Economic Assistance
    54. Development of Health and Agriculture Rehabilitation Advancement (DHARA)
    55. Development of Mohila Society (DMS)
    56. Development Organisation of the Rural Poor (DORP)
    57. Development Partner (DP)
    58. Development Research Centre
    59. Development Society
    60. Development Wheel (DEW)
    61. Development, Research,Education and Management, Bangladesh.
    62. Dewan Iqbal Foundation
    63. Dhaka Ahsania Mission
    64. Dhaka Institute of Cultural Affairs
    65. Dhaka Palli Sheba Sangstha
    66. Dhaka Progressive Lions Eye Hospital
    67. Dhaka Rural Advancement Programs Society
    68. Dharmarajika Orphanage, Buddhist Monastery
    69. Dhoritri Foundation for Information Education
    70. Dhruba
    71. Dhrubo Society
    72. Diabetic Association of Bangladesh
    73. Diabetic Association of Bangladesh
    74. Diabetic Samity, Lalmonirhat
    75. DIAKONIA / Swedish Free Church Aid
    76. Diganta Memorial Cancer Foundation
    77. Diganta Samaj Kalyan Samity
    78. Digirpar Bastuhara Samaj Kallyan Samity
    79. Dinajpur Pally Unnayan Prochesta
    80. Dip Unnayan Society
    81. Dipshika Polli Unnayan Karmoshuchi (DPUK)
    82. DipShikha Anirban
    83. Dipshikha Non Formal Education, Training and Research Society for Village Development
    84. Dipta A Foundation for Gender & Development (DIPTA)
    85. Dipti Foundation
    86. Direct Action for Allev. Of Poverty and Protection of the Environmnt
    87. Disable Development & Educational Foundation
    88. Disabled Children Home
    89. Disabled Development Organization
    90. Disabled Rehabilitation and Research Association (DRRA)
    91. Disabled Welfare Society
    92. Disabled Women Development Organization (DWDO)
    93. Disadvantaged Adolescent Working NGOs (DAWN) Forum
    94. Disha Samaj Kalyan Somity
    95. Disha Secchasebi Artha Samajik Unnayan O Manabik Kallyan Sangstha
    96. Dishari Foundation
    97. DNET
    98. Do Better for the Children
    99. Dodomari Gram Unnayan Sangstha
    1. Dohar Manabik Unnayan Sangstha
    2. Doorbar Network
    3. DOPS Foundation
    4. B.P. Social Welfare Foundation
    5. Jamal Uddin Foundation
    6. K. Zaman BNSB Eye Hospital
    7. Dristi
    8. Dristidan Eye Hospital
    9. Dristri Protibandhi Unnayan Parishad
    10. Dulai Jano Kalyan Shongstha
    11. Durbin Foundation
    12. Durjoy Nari Shangha
    13. Dushtha Shasthya Kendra (DSK)
    14. Dustha Kalyan-O-Punarbasan Sangstha
    15. Dustha Mahila Punarbasan Kendra (Center for Rehabilitation of Destitute Women)
    16. Dustha Manabatar Seba Sangstha(DMSS)
    17. Dustha Manob Kallayan Sangstha
    18. Dustha Mayader Nirapad Ashram & Punarbashon Kendra
    19. Dustha Nari-O-Shishu Kallyan Sangstha
    20. Dustha O Bhumiheen Samaj Kallyan Sangstha
    21. Dustho Kalyan Sangstha
    22. Dwip Shetu
    23. Dwip Unnayan Shangstha
    24. EADA (Environment and Agricultural Development Association
    25. Eakok Attomanobik Unnayan Sangstha
    26. Earth Identity Project
    27. Eastern Development Association (EDA)
    28. Echo Society
    29. ECO-Development
    30. Economic Development and Energy of Nation (EDEN)
    31. Eco-Social Development Organisation
    32. Ecota Fair Trade Forum
    33. Ecota Samaj Kallyan Sangstha
    34. Education and Development Foundation-Educo
    35. Educational Charitable & Humanitorian Organization
    36. Efforts for Rural Advancement (ERA)
    37. Ekmatra Society
    38. Elavating Society through Skill Development
    39. Eminance Association for Social Development
    40. Empowerment through Law of the Common People
    41. Enfants Du Monde (International Union for Child Welfare)
    42. Ensure Devt. Activities for Vulnerable Underprivileged Rural People (ENDEAVOUR)
    43. Ensure Legal Support through Local Movement & Action (ELLMA)
    44. Environment and Population Research Centre (EPRC)
    45. Environment Concern Foundation
    46. Environmental Pollution Eradication and Agricultural Devt. Organ.
    47. Environmental Research & Development Alternatives
    48. Environmunt & Social Development Organization
    49. Esho Banchte Shikhee
    50. Esho Desh Gori
    51. Esho Jibon Gori
    52. Esho Kaj Kari
    53. ETHEWS
    54. Ethnic Community Development Organization (ECDO)
    55. ETU Foundation
    56. Euro Bangla Foundation (EBF)
    57. Eventful Bangladesh Society
    58. F H Association
    59. P. & M.C.H (Maa-O-Shishu Shastha Prokalpa)
    60. Fair Foundation
    61. Faith & Hope Welfare Association
    62. Faith in Action
    63. Families for Children
    64. Family & Child Development Institute
    65. Family and Community Empowerment Support (FACES)
    66. Family Care Association
    67. Family Development Service & Research(FDSR)
    68. Family Health International
    69. Family Planning Association of Bangladesh
    70. Family Welfare Association
    71. Far Reaching Economical & Environmental Development
    72. Faridpur Development Agency (FDA)
    73. Fatema Rural Education & Health Centre
    74. Fatema Sangstha
    75. Fellowship for Disadvantaged Peoples (FDP)
    76. FEMA
    77. Fida International Bangladesh
    78. Fight Against Poverty (FAP)
    79. Fight for the Hunger
    80. Financial and Environmental Development Association-FEDA
    81. Financial Development Organisation (FDO)
    82. Fokhihul Millat Foundation
    83. Forum for Assistance in Rural Development (FARD)
    84. Forum for Culture and Human Development
    85. Forum for Development Association
    86. Forum for Regenerative Movement (FORAM)
    87. Forum for Rehabilitation & Integrated Dev. Approach by the Youth
    88. Forum for Rural Integrated Development Activity
    89. Foundation for Environment and Economic Development (FEED)
    90. Foundation for Human Development
    91. Foundation for Integrated Development Approach (FIDA)
    92. Foundation for Poor’s Programme
    93. Foundation for Women and Child Assistance (FWCA)
    94. Foundation of Credit Union Services (FOCUS)
    95. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES)
    96. Friedrich Naumann Foundation
    97. Friends Association for
    98. Integrated Revolution (FAIR)
    99. Friends In Village Development Bangladesh (FVDB)
    100. Friends of Bangladesh-USA
    101. Friends Programme (FP)
    1. Friendship
    2. Friendship Organisation
    3. Fulbaria Shechasaby Sangastha
    4. Fundacion Ayuda Humanatarian A Bangladesh an Espana
    5. Fundacion ETEA Para EL Desarrollo Y LA Cooperacion
    6. Fundamental Rights Implementation Organization (FRIO)
    7. Gado Bangladesh
    8. Gafargaon Foundation
    9. Gana Unnayan Kendra (GUK)
    10. Gana Unnayan Society (GUS)
    11. Gano Kallyan Sangstha Shaghata (GKS-Shaghata)
    12. Gano Unnayan Sangstha Bangladesh
    13. Gariadanga Manab Kallayan Sangstha
    14. Garib Unnayan Sangstha
    15. GASHFUL
    16. Gausul Azam BNSB Eye Hospital
    17. Gazipur Unnayan Sangstha (GUS)
    18. Gender & Environment Management Society
    19. Gender and Water Alliance (GWA)
    20. GHARONI-Grassroots health and Rural Organisation for Nutrition Initiatives
    21. Global Approach for Total Improvement (GATI)
    22. Global One
    23. Global Unnayan Seba Sangstha
    24. Global Village
    25. Global Vision
    26. Global-2000 Inc.
    27. Glory Bandhu Protim Samaj Kallayan Sangstha
    28. Gmark Foundation
    29. Gonagari Mohila Samity
    30. Gono Bidha Pith
    31. Gono Gobeshona O Unnayan Foundation
    32. Gono Jagaran Shamaj Kalyan Sangstha
    33. Gono Kallyan Parishad
    34. Gono Kallyan Swabolombi Sangstha
    35. Gono Kalyan Kendra
    36. Gono Kalyan Sangstha (GKS)
    37. Gono Kalyan Trust
    38. Gono Millon Kendra (GMK)
    39. Gono Shafallah Samaj Unnayan Sangstha
    40. Gono Shahajja Sangstha (GSS)
    41. Gono Shakkharata Obhijan (CAMPE)
    42. Gono Shasthya Kendra-Savar
    43. Gono Uddok Forum
    44. Gono Unnayan Academy
    45. Gono Unnayan Prochesta
    46. Gono Unnayan Prokriya
    47. Gono Unnayan Sangstha (GUS)
    48. Gonochetona
    49. Gonomukti
    50. Good Neighbours Inc. in Bangladesh
    51. Good People World Family in Bangladesh (GPW-BD)
    52. Good Peoples International Bangladesh
    53. Gopalganj Development Society (GDS)
    54. Gopalgonj Shishu Kallayan Unnayan Sangstha
    55. Gopalgonj Social Development Foundation
    56. Goreeb & Eatheem Trust Foundation
    57. Goriber Asroy
    58. Goshgaon Palli Unnayan Sangstha
    59. Gothon Samaj Kollayan Sangstha
    60. Gram Bangla Sangstha
    61. Gram Bangla Unnayan Committee
    62. Gram Bangla Unnayan Parished Society
    63. Gram Bikash Kendra
    64. Gram Bikash Sangstha (GBS)
    65. Gram Bikash Shohayak Sangstha
    66. Gram Foundation
    67. Gram Swanirvar Sangstha
    68. Gram Unnayan Karma (GUK)
    69. Gram Unnayan Kendra (GUK)
    70. Gram Unnayan Mohila Samity
    71. Gram Unnayan Prochestaa
    72. Gram Unnayan Sangstha
    73. Gram Unnayan Sangstha
    74. Gram Unnayan-O-Dustha Seba Kendra
    75. Grambangla Unnayan Sangstha (Gibus)
    76. Grameen Alo
    77. Grameen Bikash Foundation
    78. Grameen Development Foundation
    79. Grameen Health Care Trust
    80. Grameen Jano Unnayan Sangstha (GJUS)
    81. Grameen Jono Kalyan Sangsad
    82. Grameen Kalyan
    83. Grameen Krishi Foundation
    84. Grameen Manobik Unnayan Sangstha
    85. Grameen Matshya Foundation
    86. Grameen Nari Unnayan Sangstha (GRANUS)
    87. Grameen Sapna
    88. Grameen Shakti
    89. Grameen Shikha
    90. Grameen Trust
    91. Grameen Unnayan Prakalpa
    92. Grameen Unnayan Sangstha (Grous)
    93. Grameen Welfare Smile Charity
    94. Grammo Sanchoy
    95. Gramnchal Shangstha
    96. Great One Foundation
    97. Green Bangladesh
    98. Green Disabled Foundation
    99. Green Hill
    100. Green Life-UK
    1. Green the Environment
    2. Green Village
    3. Griha Sukhan Mohila Samiti
    4. Group for Economic and Environmental Nurturing (GREEN)
    5. Group of Expert on Environment and Nature (Green)
    6. Grous (Gram Unnayan Sangathan)
    7. Habibennessa Foundation
    8. Habigonj Unnayan Sagstha
    9. Habitat and Economy Lifting Programme
    10. Habitate for Humanity International
    11. Hanani Lantri
    12. Handicap International
    13. Handicraft Sramic Kallyan Samiti
    14. Haor Samaj Unnayan Karmasuchi
    15. Haqqaani Mission Bangladesh
    16. Haraizon Welfare Organisation-HWO
    17. Haridasi Women & Child Care & Nutrition Centre (HWCCNC)
    18. Harirampur Dustha Mohila Bahumokhi Sangstha (HDMBS)
    19. Hasan Samaj Kallyan Sangstha
    20. Health & Economy
    21. Health & Education for Less Privileged(HELP)
    22. Health and Diseases Research Centre for Rural Peoples.
    23. Health Ways Foundation
    24. Health, Education & Development Society
    25. Heart to Heart Foundation
    26. Heaven Samajik Unnayan Sangstha
    27. Heed Bangladesh
    28. HEKS
    29. Hellen Keller International
    30. Help & Knowledge (H&K)
    31. Help Bangladesh
    32. Help Cox’sBazar
    33. Help Foundation
    34. Help the Needy Charitable Trust
    35. Help The People Trust Bangladesh
    36. HelpAge International (HAI)-Bangladesh
    37. Helping Hand
    38. Helth and Education for the Less-privileged People
    39. Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation
    40. HEPTA Bangladesh (Health,Education & Environment Promotion for the Teeming Associate)
    41. Hidaya Foundation
    42. Hiefur Project International Bangladesh
    43. Highlight Foundation
    44. Hilful Fujul Samaj Kallayan Sangstha
    45. Hillary Foundation Bangladesh
    46. Hira Panna Foundation
    47. Hitaishi Bangladesh
    48. HIV/AIDS and STD Alliance Bangladesh (HASAB)
    49. Home Net Bangladesh (HNB)
    50. Homeland Association for Social Improvement (HASI)
    51. Hope Bangladesh
    52. Hope for the Destitute Women & Children
    53. Hope for the Poorest
    54. Hope Foundation for Women & Children of Banglades Inc.
    55. Hope Worldwide-Bangladesh
    56. Hope’87 Bangladesh
    57. Hosen Welfare Foundation
    58. Human Aid and Charity (HAAC)
    59. Human Aid Sirajganj (HAS)
    60. Human Appeal
    61. Human Concern
    62. Human Co-operation Centre in Bangladesh (H.C.C.B.)
    63. Human Development Forum
    64. Human Development Foundation (HDF)
    65. Human Development Organisation (HDO)
    66. Human Development Organization-Thakurgaon. (HDOT)
    67. Human Development Programme (HDP)
    68. Human Development Service Society
    69. Human Development Society
    70. Human Resource Development Organization (HRDO)
    71. Human Resource Development Society
    72. Human Resources Development Foundation
    73. Human Rights and Peace for Bangladesh
    74. Human Rights Development Centre
    75. Human Rights Disabilities & Development Foundation
    76. Human Welfare Centre
    77. Humanist & Ethical Association of Bangladesh
    78. Humanist Association
    79. Humanitarian Agency for Development Services
    80. Humanitarian Foundation
    81. Humanity First Bangladesh
    82. Humanity in Distress
    83. Humanity Welfare Association
    84. Hunger Free World
    85. Hunger Project, The
    86. Hunger Removal Association of the Visual Handicapped (HRAVH)
    87. I Pas Bangladesh
    88. ICCO (Stiching Interkerkelijke Organisatie voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking)
    89. IDC-Integrated Development Centre
    90. Ideal Friendship Association
    91. IDEAL (Institute of Development Education for Advancement of Landless)
    92. Ideal Career Society (ICS)
    93. Ideal Step for Sustainable Development
    94. Ideas International
    95. IHDP (Integrated Human Development Program)
    96. Illeteracy and Poverty Alleviation Assistance Organisation (IPAAO)
    97. Image
    98. Impact Foundation Bangladesh
    99. Inciden Bangladesh.
    100. Included
    1. Indigenous People’s Development Services
    2. Initiative for Marzin to Main Stream
    3. Initiative for Right View
    4. INSAF (Integrated Nursing for Social Advancedment Foundation)
    5. Institute for Developing Science & Health Initiatives Foundation
    6. Institute for Environment & Development (IED)
    7. Institute for Policy, Advocacy and Governance (I-PAG)
    8. Institute for Rural Development (IRD)
    9. Institute of Allergy and Clinical Immunology of Bangladesh
    10. Institute of Development Affairs
    11. Institute of Rural Development, The
    12. Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh The
    13. Integrated Community and Industrial Development (ICID)
    14. Integrated Community Development Association (ICDA)
    15. Integrated Community Development Committee (ICDC)
    16. Integrated Development Association of Barisal (INDAB)
    17. Integrated Development Foundation
    18. Integrated Development Initiatives (IDI)
    19. Integrated Development Organisation (IDO)
    20. Integrated Environment Development Society-IEDS
    21. Integrated Health Care Services
    22. Integrated rural Development Centre (IRDC)
    23. Integrated Rural Development Organization (IRDO)
    24. Integrated Service for Development of Children and Mothers
    25. Integrated Services and Development for Distressed (ISSD)
    26. Integrated Social Aid
    27. Integrated Social Advancement Forum (ISAF)
    28. Integrated Social Development Organization (ISDO)
    29. Integrated Social Devleopment Effort (ISDE)
    30. Integrated Social Welfare Association (ISWS)
    31. Integrated society for Women & child Health (WISH)
    32. Integrated Socio Economic Development Association (ISDA)
    33. Integrated Village Development Centre
    34. Integrated Village Development Society (IVDS)
    35. Interlife Bangladesh
    36. International Angel Association
    37. International Autism Foundation
    38. International Centre for Economic Policy Rearch
    39. International Centre For Peace and Development (ICPD)
    40. International Development Enterprises (IDE)
    41. International Education Foundation
    42. International Financial Development Organization (IFDO)
    43. International Islamic Relief Organisation
    44. International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) Bangladesh
    45. International Needs
    46. International Network of Alternative Financial Institutions (INAFI)
    47. International Relief & Development Inco.
    48. International Relief and Development
    49. International Relief Friendship Foundation
    50. International Union for Conservation of Nature & Natural Resources
    51. International Voluntary Services-Bangladesh (IVS-B)
    1. Isamoti Somaj Unnyan Uddog
    2. Islahul Muslimeen Parishad
    3. Islami Bank Foundation
    4. Islami Samaj Kalyan Samity
    5. Islamic Aid
    6. Islamic Aid Bangladesh
    7. Islamic Blind Mission
    8. Islamic Medical Mission
    9. Islamic Paribar Kalyan Sangstha
    10. Islamic Relief – U.K.
    11. Islamic Relief Agency
    12. Islamic Relief Committee
    13. Islamic Relief Committee-Bangladesh
    14. Islamic Unnayan Sangstha
    15. Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute and Hospital Society
    16. Israf-Tasira Shikkha O Seba Foundation
    17. JACE(Japan Asia Cultural Exchanges)
    18. Jagarani Agricultural & Rural Development Institute
    19. Jagarani Mohila Kallyan Songstha (JMKS)
    20. Jagarani Mohila Samity
    21. Jagatjyoti Children Welfare Home
    22. Jago Nari Progati Sangstha
    23. Jagoran Mohila Somity
    24. Jagorani Chakra Foundation
    25. Jagorani Jubo Sangha (JJN)
    26. Jagorani Samaj Kalyan Samity
    27. Jagoroni Sangstha
    28. Jagrata Jubo Sangha (JJS)
    29. Jahanara Female Adult School and Handicrafts Training Centre
    30. Jaintia Shinnomul Songstha
    31. Jamuna Char Integrated Development Project (JCDP)
    32. Jamuna Palli Unnayan Sangstha
    33. Jana Kalyan Sangha (JKS)
    34. Jana Unnayan Karmashuchi
    35. Jananee Seba Sangstha
    36. Janaseba Kendra (JSK)
    37. Janashaista, Shikka O Polli Unnayan Sanghsta
    38. Janata Social Development Organization
    39. Janmabhumi Unnayan Sangstha (JUS)
    40. Japan Association of Drainage and Environment (JADE)
    41. Japan Bangladesh Cultural Exchange Association
    42. Japan Bangladesh Foundation
    43. Japan Bangladesh Friendship Development Association
    44. Japan-Bangladesh Support Association
    45. Jatio Bandhujan Parishad Bangladesh
    46. Jatio Trinomul Protibandhi Sangstha
    47. Jatiya Church Parishad
    48. Jatiya Manob Kalyan Mission
    49. Jatiya Nirbachan Parjabekhan Parishad (JANIPOP)
    50. Jatiya Tarun Sangha (JTS)
    51. Jatya Manob Kallan Sangstha
    52. Jesh Foundation
    53. JFF (Justice Fajlul Haque Welfare Foundation)
    54. Jhanjira Samaj Kallyan Sangstha (JSKS)
    1. Jhikargacha Development Organization
    2. Jhpiego
    3. Jiban Sandhani Samaj Kalyan Sangstha
    4. Jibon
    5. Jogajog
    6. Johns Hopkins University
    7. JOJAN
    8. Jono Bibhab Unnayan Kendra
    9. Jono Kalyan Kendra
    10. Jono Kalyan Sangstha
    11. Jono Seba Parishad (JSP)
    12. Jonosaba
    13. Jotsna Samaj Kallayan Sangstha
    14. Joty Development Foundation
    15. Joutha Udyog
    16. Joutho Artho Samaj Unnyan Sangstha
    17. Joyee Bangladesh
    18. Joypurhat Rural Development Movement (JRDM)
    19. Juba Academy Satkhira
    20. Jubo Academy
    21. Jubo Jiban Unnayan Samity
    22. Jubo Unnayan Samaj Seba Samity
    23. Jugantar Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (JSUS)
    24. JUMOFUL
    25. Justice and Care
    26. Kabi Sukanta Seba Sangha
    27. Kabidang
    28. Kairadanga Club (KDC)
    29. Kakon Bohumukhi Unnayan Songstha (KBUS)
    30. Kalikapur Jubo Sangsad
    31. Kallyan Prochesta
    32. Kamala Samaj Unnayan Sangstha
    33. Kamerkhanda Pali Unnayan Sangstha
    34. Kampon Zila Protibondhi Federation
    35. Kanchan Samity
    36. Kapotaksma
    37. Karimpur Community Development Foundation (KCDF)
    38. Karmajibi Kalyan Sangstha
    39. Karmajibi Nari
    40. Karmajibi Sangstha
    41. Karmajibi Sangstha
    42. KARMAYAN
    43. Karmirhath
    44. Kashim Bazar Shastha Seba Sangstha
    45. Kathali Palli Unnayan Sangstha
    46. Khagrapur Mohila Kalyan Samity
    47. Khalifa Foundation
    48. Khan Bahadur Foundation
    49. Khandaker Foundation
    50. Khasdobir Youth Action Group
    51. KHEYA(Samaj Unnayan Sagstha)
    52. Khulna BNSB Eye Hospital
    53. Khulna Mukti Seba Sangstha(KMSS)
    54. Kidney Awareness Monitoring & Prevention Society
    55. Kidney Foundation
    56. Kinder Hilfs Work
    57. Kirara No Kai
    58. Kobi Sikander Abu Jafar Foundation
    59. Kochi Kontho Foundation
    60. Koinonia
    61. Kokdandi Nari Unnayon Samity
    62. Konrad Adenuer Stiftung
    63. Korean Civil Cultural Center
    64. Korean Development Association in Bangladesh (KDAB)
    65. KPUS (Kushtia Palli Unnayan Sangstha)
    66. Kumari Danga Palli Unnayan Sangstha
    67. Kumudini Welfare Trust of Bangal
    68. Kurigram Trust
    69. Kuwait Joint Relief Committee
    70. Labour Resource Center (LRC)
    71. Lakshmi Society
    72. Lalu Panchait Foundation (LPF)
    73. Lalu Panchayat Artha Samajik Unnayan Prakalpa
    74. Land O Lakes
    75. Landless Distressed Rehabilitation Organization(LDRO)
    76. Latifpur Adarsha Society
    77. LEADARS (Local Environment Development & Agricultural Research Society)
    78. Learning for Life Bangladesh
    79. Legal and Social Backup for the Oppressed (Lasbo)
    80. Legal Assistance to Helpless Prisoners and Persons
    81. Leonard Chashier Disability Bangladesh
    82. Leonard Cheshire Disability of Bangladesh
    83. Lepra Bangladesh
    84. Leprosy Mission, The
    85. Leya Health & Education Development Foundation
    86. Liberty Movement
    87. Life & Life Onlus
    88. Life Association
    89. Life Bangladesh
    90. Life Line Health & Development Foundation
    91. Life Plus Institute for Social Advancement
    92. Light Bangladesh
    93. Light House
    94. Light the World Society
    95. Lion Moklesur Rahman Foundation


    1. Local Activities of Minimizing Poverty
    2. Local Education and Economic Development Organisation (LEEDO)
    3. Local Idea for Empowerment (LIFE)
    4. Local Initiative for Development (LIFD)
    5. Local Initiative for Empowerment(LIFE)
    6. Local Initiative For Peoples Progress (LIP)
    7. Locos-Loving Care for the Oppressed Society
    8. Loka Natya O Sangashkritik Unnayan Kendra
    9. Loka Unnayan Kendra (LUK)
    10. Lotus Mohila Sangha
    11. Love And Peace
    12. Love for Distressed People Bangladesh
    13. Love Thy Neighbour
    14. Luster
    15. Lutfur Rahman Bhuiyan
    16. Foundation (LRB)
    17. Luthern Health Care Bangladesh
    18. A.F. Bangladesh
    19. Maa O Shisu Kallan Songstha
    20. Madaok Draba O Nesha Nirodh Sangstha
    21. Madaripur Legal Aid Association
    22. Madaripur Mohila Kalyan Sangstha
    23. Madaripur Nari Unnayan Sangstha
    24. Madecor – Bangladesh
    25. Madrasha Al-Sharaf Al-Islamia
    26. Madrasha Arabia Khairia & Etimkhana
    27. Maer Anchal Mohila O Shishu Unnoyon Shangshta
    28. Mafizuddin Nazeda Foundation
    29. Magura Shishu O Chakhyu Haspatal
    30. Mahbub Welfare Foundation
    31. Maisha (Movement of Aid Initiator Through Services & Human Rights Activities)
    32. Maitri Parishad (MP)
    33. Maitri Samaj Kalyan Sangha
    34. Maitri Sangstha
    35. Maitry Foundation
    36. Major Academy of National Advancement and Growing Economy (MANAGE)
    37. Malancha Seba Samity
    38. Malerhat Jubo Sangha
    39. Mamata
    40. Mamtaz Faruque Foundation
    41. Mamudpur Samajik Unnayan Sangstha
    42. Man for Man
    43. Manab Kallyan Foundation
    44. Manab Kallyan Sabolambi Sangstha
    45. Manab Kalyan Parishad (MKP)
    46. Manab Mukti Sangstha
    47. Manab Sampad Unnayan Kendra
    48. Manab Seba O Samajik Unnayan Sangstha
    49. Manab Seba Sangstha
    50. Manab Shakti Unnayan Kendra
    51. Manab Unnayan Kendra
    52. Manab Unnayan Kendrik Karjakram
    53. Manab Unnayan Sahayak Sangstha
    54. Manab Unnayan Sangstha (MUS)
    55. Manabik Kalyan Sangstha
    56. Manabik Shahajjo Sangstha
    57. Manabsampad Kallan Sangstha (MAKS)
    58. Management and Resources
    59. Development Initiative (MRDI)
    60. Management Science for Health
    61. Maneesha
    62. Manikganj Disabled People’s Organization to Development (MDPOD)
    63. Manob Kalyankami Anathalaya
    64. Manob Shahayak Kendra
    65. Manosika
    66. Manusher Jonno Foundation
    67. Marcy International
    68. Marie Stopes Bangladesh (MSB)
    69. Marie Stopes Clinic Society
    70. Marine Life Allience
    71. Markazul Muslimen
    72. Mashiurnagar Mohila Sabuj Shamaj Kalyan Sangstha
    73. Masjid Council for Community Advancement (MACCA)
    74. Masjid Samaj Bangladesh
    75. Mass-Line Media Center (MMC)
    76. Maternity & Child Health Care Centre
    77. Matrichaya Unnayan Sangstha (MUS)
    78. Maulik Chahida Karmashuchi (Mauchak)
    79. Mausumi Swanirvar Daridra Bimochan Sangstha
    80. Mayer Dak
    81. Mazharul Haque BNSB Eye Hospital
    82. Medecins Sans Frontieres -France
    83. Medicins Sans Frontieres -Holland
    84. Medicins Sans Frontieres-Belgium (MSFB)
    85. Meghna Mohila-O-Shishu Unnayan Sangstha
    86. Meghna Social health & Development Foundation
    87. Meherpur Foundation
    88. Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)
    89. MHASA
    90. Micro Industries Development
    91. Assistance Society (MIDAS)
    92. Mirnmoyee Mohilla Unnayan Sangstha
    93. Mirpur Family Planning Project
    94. Misbah Foundation
    95. Missionaries of Charity
    96. Misuk (A centre for Social Advancement)
    97. Mitali Sangha
    98. Mitali Unnayan Sangstha (MUS)
    99. Moanoghar
    100. Modern Development Organization(MDO)
    101. Mogadia Shishu Sadan
    102. Mohamuni Bidhaba-O-Anath Shishu Kalyan Kendra
    103. Mohideb Jubo Samaj Kalyan Samity
    1. Mohila Bohumukhi Shikha Kendra
    2. Mohila Kormasamgsthan O Daridra Bimochan Sangstha
    3. Mohila Netritto Proshikkhon Kendra
    4. Mohila Sabolambi Sohayak Sangstha (MSSS)
    5. Mohila Samaj Kalyan Samity
    6. Mohila Samaj Unnayn Sangstha
    7. Mohila Sanghati Parishad
    8. Mohila Unnayan Foundation (MUF)
    9. Mohisbathan Samaj Kallayan Samity
    10. Moitree Palli Unnayan Shangathon
    11. Moitri
    12. Momota Samaj Kallayan Sangstha
    13. Mosabbir Memorial foundation
    14. Motaharun Nesa Maternal & Infant Care (MMIC)
    15. Mother & Child Development Organization
    16. Mother & Child Internal Welfare Organization
    17. Motivation Awareness Training and Implementation (MATI)
    18. Mouchash Unnayan Sangstha (MUS)
    19. Moukhara Bohumukhi Samaj Kalyan Songstha
    20. Moulvibazar Andha Kalyan Samity (MBNSB)
    21. Mousumi
    22. Movement of Social Upliftment
    23. Moytree Bangladesh
    24. Mozahar Uddin Multicraft Centre
    25. Mozidia Trust
    26. Mritshilpa Unnayan Sangstha
    27. Mro Chow Chen Chap Euong Ra Tia
    28. Mukti
    29. Mukti Cox’s Bazar
    30. Mukti Foundation
    31. Mukti Jodha Punarbasan Kendra
    32. Mukti Juddha Smrity Trust
    33. Mukti Mohila Samity (MMS)
    34. Mukti Nari-O-Shishu Unnayan Sangstha
    35. Mukti Sheba Shangstha
    36. Mukti Shikha
    37. Muktipath Centre For Development
    38. Muktir Path Mohila Sangstha
    39. Mukto Akash Bangladesh
    40. Multi Serve International (MSI)
    41. Multi Task
    42. Multi Wings Society
    43. Municipal Association of Bangladesh
    44. Munshi Atar Ali Welfare Society (MAAWS)
    45. Muslema Khatoon Welfare Trust
    46. Muslim Aid-UK, Bangladesh Field Office
    47. Muslim Hands International
    48. Muslim Welfare Organisation
    49. Mymensingh Disabled People’s Organization to Development (Mymensingh-DPOD)
    50. Mymensingh Palli Unnayan Prayash
    51. A. C (necessary Assistance for Community)
    52. Z. Ekata Mohila Samiti
    53. Nabajug Unnayan Sangstha
    54. Nabaratna Foundation
    55. Nabaron Akkya Sangha
    1. Nabarun Kallayan Sangstha
    2. Nabarun Nari Shikha
    3. Nabarun Samity
    4. Nabin Palli Unnayan Sangstha (NPUS)
    5. Nabolok Parishad
    6. Nagar Daridra Basteebashir Unnayan Sangstha
    7. Nagorik Odhiker
    8. Nagorik Uddyog
    9. Nagorpur Disabled Peoples Orgaization to Development
    10. Nahar Health Services and Social Welfare Association
    11. Naifa Maruf Foundation
    12. Nakagawa Trust
    13. Nakkhatra
    14. Nalta Hospital and Community Health Foundation
    15. Namijan Aftabi Foundation (NAF)
    16. Naobojagoran Sangstha
    17. Naogaon Manabik Unnayan Sangstha
    18. Narayangonj Sadar Upazila Protibodhi Unnayan Parishad
    19. Nareer Jonno Foundation
    20. Nari Bikash Kendra
    21. Nari Jagaron Mohila Unnayan Sangstha
    22. Nari Kalyan Sangstha (NKS)
    23. Nari Moitree
    24. Nari O Shishu Kallayan Foundation
    25. Nari Uddug Kendra
    26. Nari Unnayan Forum (NUF)
    27. Nari Unnayan Sangstha (NUS)
    28. Nari Unnayan Shakti
    29. Naria Unnayan Samity
    30. Nari-O-Shisu Kallayan Sangstha (NSKS)
    31. Naripokkho
    32. National Agency for Green Revolution (NAGR)
    33. National Anti Tuberrculosis Association of Bangladesh(NATAB)
    34. National Association of Sports for the Persons with Disability
    35. National Council of Young Man’s Christian Association of Bangladesh
    36. National Development Centre (NDC)
    37. National Development Council (NDC)
    38. National Development Initiative
    39. National Development Organization(NADO)
    40. National Development Programme (NDP)
    41. National Development Society (NDS)
    42. National Federation of the Blind Patuakhali District Branch
    43. National Fellowship for the Advancement of Visually Handicapped (NFAVH)
    44. National Forum of the Organizations Working with the Disabled (NFOWD)
    45. National Heart Foundation of Bangladesh
    1. Natore Zilla Protibondhi Songstha-Nandan
    2. Nature & Environment Preservation Orgaization (NEPO)
    3. Nature Conservation Management (NACOM)
    4. Nayatola Darussalam Orphanage
    5. Nazir (Nutun Ziban Rochi)
    6. Nazrul Smriti Sangsad (NSS)
    7. Neda Society
    8. Need for Life Society
    9. Need Foundation
    10. Needy Industrious Welfar of Rural Association (NIRA)
    11. Network for Elimination of Economic Disparity (NEED)
    12. Network for Information, Response & Preparedness Activities on Disaster
    13. Network for Research and Training
    14. Network for Universal Services and Rural Advancement
    15. NETZ partnership for Development and Justice
    16. New Apostolic Church Bangladesh
    17. New Generation Humanitarian Organization
    18. New Life Foundation of Bangladesh
    19. Newhem Bengali Community Trust
    20. News Network
    21. Newsun Economic Development & Organization.
    22. NGO Consortium
    23. NGO Forum For Public Health
    24. Nice Foundation
    25. Nice Social Welfare Organization (NSWO)
    26. Nigata International Volunteer Centre Bangladesh
    27. Niharika
    28. Nijera Kori
    29. Nijera Shikhi
    30. Nijpath
    31. Nikunja Basti Unnayan Shangstha
    32. Nilfa Advancement Foundation
    33. Nilmuti Dustha Nari Kalyan Sangstha
    34. Nirapad Sarak Chai
    35. Nirapoth Bangladesh Songstha
    36. Nirmol Foundation
    37. nirvar Palli Unnayan Sangstha
    38. Nishaw Shahayak Sangstha
    39. Nishkriti
    40. Nishkriti Jossore
    41. Niskrity Dhaka
    42. Niskrity Foundation
    43. Noagaon Human Rights Development Association (NHRDA)
    44. Noakhali Rural Action Society (N-RAS)
    45. Noakhali Rural Development Society (NRDS)
    46. Nobadiganta Mohila Sangsta
    47. Nobo Jibon
    48. Nongor
    49. North Bengal Rural Development Sangstha
    50. North Bengal Rural Development Society
    51. Northern Development Cooperation
    52. Northern Development Foundation
    53. Northern Development Society (NDS)
    54. Northern Rural Development Programme (NRDP)
    55. Novel Institute for Rural Reforms
    56. Nowabenki Gonomukhi Foundation
    57. Nowzuwan
    58. NURTURE
    59. Nurul Islam Jubo Unnyan Society (NIJUS)
    60. Nutan Samaj Gari
    61. Obat Helpers
    62. Obayab Human Development Center
    63. Ocab Society
    64. ODHIKAR
    65. Oggro
    67. Okatani Brestfeeding Method Training Enhancement Project
    68. One Degree Initiative Foundation
    69. Onneyshan
    70. OPAL Resources
    71. Oparajita Mahila Samaj Kallyan Sangstha
    72. OPCA (Organization for the Poor Community Advancement
    73. Operation Generation
    74. ORG Foundation Bangladesh
    75. Organisation For Rural and Nature Oriented Bangladesh (ORNOB)
    76. Organisation for Social Advancement & Cultural Activities (OSACA)
    77. Organisation for Social Development and Research (OSDER)
    78. Organisation for Social Upliftment
    79. Organisation for Women & Children Advancement (OWCA)
    80. Organisation for Women Development in Bangladesh
    81. Organisation of Development Prog. for the Underprivileged (ODPUP)
    82. Organization for Defending the Disable (DDO)
    83. Organization for Rural Advancment (ORA)
    84. Organization for Rural Community Development-ORCD
    85. Organization for Socio Economic Activities
    86. Organization for Socio Economic Cooperation
    87. Organization for Total Advancement of Society
    88. Organization of Social Action for Human Development (ORSAHD)
    89. Oriental Foundation
    90. Orthanaitik O Manabik Unnayan Sangstha (OMUS)
    91. Our Vission for Welfare Service
    92. Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program (OKUP)
    93. Own Village Advancement
    94. OXFAM -Bangladesh
    95. Oxfam Novib
    96. Pabna Protishruti
    97. Padakhep Manabik Unnayan Kendra
    98. Padua Development Foundation (PDF)
    99. Painted Children
    100. Pairabond Adorsho Mohila Unnayan Samity
    1. Palashipara Samaj Kalyan Samity
    2. Palli Bandhu Unnayan Sangstha
    3. Palli Bangla Unnayan Shahjugita Sangstha
    4. Palli Baoul Samaj Unnayan Sangstha
    5. Palli Bikash Kendra (PBK)
    6. Palli Chetana
    7. Palli Gono Unnayan Kendra
    8. Palli Kallayan Shikha Society (PKSS)
    9. Palli Kallyan Kendra
    10. Palli Mahila Unnayan Sangstha (PMUS)
    11. Palli Manab Kayllan Foundation
    12. Palli Mitali
    13. Palli Mongal Karmosuchi
    14. Palli Nari Unnayan Sangstha
    15. Palli Progoti Shahayak Samity
    16. Palli Punargathan Club
    17. Palli Rakkha Sangstha (PARAS)
    18. Palli Renesa Songstha
    19. Palli Samaj Kallan Songstha(PSS)
    20. Palli Samaj Unnayn Kendra
    21. Palli Samajik Karjakram Sangstha
    22. Palli Sampad Samannaya Kendra
    23. Palli Seba Sangha (PSS)
    24. Palli Shahajogi Bishayak Sangstha (ARCO)
    25. Palli Sheba Sangstha
    26. Palli Shishu Foundation
    27. Palli Sree
    28. Palli Unnayan Andolon
    29. Palli Unnayan Parishad (PUP)
    30. Palli Unnayan Samajseba Sangstha (PUSS)
    31. Palli Unnayan Samity
    32. Palli Unnayan Sangathan
    33. Palli Unnayan Sangha
    34. Palli Unnayan Sangstha
    35. Pallibadhu Kallayan Sangtha (PBKS)
    36. Pally Advancement & Disaster Management Association (PADMA)
    37. Pally Daridra Kallyan Sangstha
    38. Pally Life Development Society
    39. Pally Sahitya Sangstha (PASS)
    40. Pally Unnayan Kendra Gaibandha
    41. Palok
    42. Pang Ono, Pang Ono (ONLUS)
    43. Paradise
    44. Parbat Manab Unnayan O Shahajhakari Sangstha.
    45. Parbattya Jumia Punarbashan O Paribesh Sangrakhan Sangstha
    46. Parbatya Bouddha Mission
    47. Pari Development Trust
    48. Paribar Kallyan Samity
    49. Paribarik Aey Unnayan Mohila Sangstha
    50. Paribartan
    51. Pariber O Shishu Kallayan Kendra
    52. Paricharja
    53. Paritran
    54. Participatory AdvancementSocial Service (PASS)
    55. Participatory Development Action Programme (PDAP)
    56. Participatory Development Organization (PDO)
    57. Partner
    58. Partners in Development
    59. Partners in Health and Development (PHD)
    60. PASA (Peoples Advancement Social Association)
    61. PASA Human Development Foundation
    62. Pasashik Parsad (Palli Samonnaya O Shikha Kalyan Parisad)
    63. Patakuri Society
    64. Path
    65. Path Finder International
    66. Path Hara Kallyan Sangstha
    67. Pathikrit
    68. Pathshala-South Asian Institute of Photography (PSAIP)
    69. Pathway
    70. Patilapara Palli Bangladesh (PPB)
    71. Patra Somproday Kollayan Parishad
    72. Patuakhali Mohila Unnayan Samity
    73. PDO (Peace and Development Organization)
    74. PEDO (Polli Economic Development Organization)
    75. People Development Community (PDC)
    76. People Development Institute (PDI)
    77. People’s Association for Social Development
    78. Peoples Development Organization (PDO)
    79. Peoples for Rainwater (P.R) Bagladesh
    80. People’s Integer Progressive Association for Social Activities
    81. Peoples Life Upliftment Society
    82. Peoples Movement for Environment & Social Development
    83. Peoples Oriented Programme Implementation (POPI)
    84. Peoples Resource Oriented Voluntary Association
    85. Peoples Union of the Marginalization Development Organization (PUMDO)
    86. Peoples Uplifment in Livelihood and Social Empowerment (PULSE) Society
    87. Phulki
    88. Pidim Foundation
    89. Plan International Bangladesh
    90. Platform of Women Empowerment and Rights (POWFR)
    91. PLEAD (Partner in Legal Education and Assistance for Development)
    92. Pollee Unnyon Prokolpo
    93. Pollibir Unnayan Sangstha
    94. Polly Pragati Sahayak Sangstha
    95. Polly Seba Bohumukhi Sangstha
    96. Poors Development Organisation
    97. Population and Polution Movement in Bangladesh
    98. Population Council (USA)
    99. Population Crisis Control & Mass Education Committee
    100. Population Development Organization (PDO)
    1. Population Services and Training Centre (PSTC)
    2. Pora Lekha
    3. Poribar Unnyan Songstha
    4. Porshi
    5. Potal Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (P.S.U.S.)
    6. Pother Dishari Society
    7. Poverty Aliviation Drive-PAD
    8. Poverty Alleviation and Social Development Organization (PAASDO)
    9. Poverty Alleviation through Participatory Rural Initiative (PAPRI)
    10. Poverty Elimination and Community Education Foundation
    11. Poverty Eradication Program (PEP)
    12. Poverty Removed and Economic Development Organization (PREDO)
    13. Power and Participation Research Centre (PPRC)
    14. Practical Action
    15. Praise International Bangladesh
    16. Prantic Unnayan Society
    17. Prantik
    18. Pratibandhi Secchasebi Society
    19. Pratibandi Kallayan Samittee
    20. Pratichi (Bangladesh) Trust
    21. Prativa Shamaj Kalyan Shamity
    22. Prattasha Samazik Unnayan Sangstha (PSUS)
    23. Prayash Unnayan Sangstha
    24. Premiere Urgence (PU)
    25. Presbyterian Fellowship in Bangladesh
    26. Pride (Peoples Resources in Developmental Enterprise)
    27. Prime Social Organization (PSO)
    28. Prip Trust
    29. PRISM-Bangladesh Foundation
    30. Prisons Care in Bangladesh
    31. Probandhi Shishu Shikkha O Paricharja Samity
    32. Probartak Sangha
    33. Probin Kallayan Sangstha
    34. Prochesta
    35. Prochesta Kalyan Sangstha (PKS)
    36. Prodip Shika Sangstha
    37. PRODIPAN
    38. Prodipto Manab Kallyan Sangstha
    39. MA Matin Memorial BNSB Base Eye Hospital
    40. Progati Human Development (Progati Manabik Unnayan Prokalpa)
    41. Progati Samaj Unnayan Sangstha
    42. Progati Sangstha
    43. Progetto Uomo Rishilpi International Onlus
    44. Progoti (Peoples Research on Grassroots Ownership & Traditional Initiative
    45. Progoti Kendro
    46. Progoti Samaj Kalyan Protisthan & Paribar Parikalpona Sangstha
    47. Progotir Path
    48. Program for Echo Social Development (PESD)
    49. Programm for the Introduction & Adaptation of Contraceptive Technology
    50. Programme for Community Development
    51. Programme for Helpless and Lagged Society (PHALS)
    52. Programme for Peoples Development
    53. Programme for Sustainable Development
    54. Programme on Agriculture Nutrition and Environmental Conservation  (PRANTEC)
    55. Progressive Rural Organisation for Voluntary Activities (PROVA)
    56. Progressive Sheba Kendra
    57. Progressive Society of Bangladesh (PSB)
    58. Progressive Welfare Association
    59. Project Concern International
    60. Project Five ‘O’ Bangladesh
    61. Project Hope
    62. Project Orbis International Inc.
    63. Projukti Peeth
    64. Prokas (Proshikkan Karma-Sangthan O Artha Samajic Unnayan Sangstha
    65. Promoting Alternative Resources for Active Society
    66. Promoting Human Rights and Education in Bangladesh
    67. Promotion of Livelihood Education for Development and Grassroot Empowerment
    68. Promotional Research Advocacy Training Action Yard
    69. Proshanti Noakhali
    70. Proshika Manobik Unnyan Kendra
    71. Protect Environment From Adverse Climate Change
    72. Prothibondi Community Center
    73. Protibandi Unnayan Sangstha
    74. Protibashi Mohila Sangstha
    75. Protibasi Prosikhon Kandro & Kutirshilpa Unnayan Sangstha
    76. Protibondhi Narider Jation Parishad
    77. Protibondhi Sheshu Shekha O Seba Songstha (Prosesses)
    78. Protigga Parishad
    79. Protik Progati Sangha
    80. Protishruti-Jessore
    81. Protiva Sangstha
    82. Protobandi Seba Sangstha
    83. Prottasha
    84. Prottasha Bangladesh
    85. Prottasha Foundation
    86. Prottasha Lalmonirhat Samaj Kallyan Sangstha
    87. Prottoy Unnayan Sangstha
    88. Prottyashi
    89. Prova Society
    90. Provati Bangladesh
    91. Provati Palli Unnayan O Seba Shongstha
    92. Provati Samaj Kallyan O Shasthya Parishad
    93. Provati Samaj Kalyan Sangstha
    94. Proyas Manobik Unnayan Society
    95. Proyash Samaj Kalyan Sangstha
    96. PSS (Paikgacha Swanirvar Sanstha)
    97. Purbasa
    98. Puspo
    99. PUSPO Bangladesh
    100. Qatar Charity
    101. Quality Education Foundation
    102. Quasem Foundation
    103. Rabeta Al Alam Al Islam
    104. Racine
    105. Radda MCH-FP Centre
    106. Rainbow Bridge Foundation
    107. Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation
    108. Rajob Maimuna Trust
    109. Rajshahi Christians and Friendship Committee
    110. Rajshahi Social Development Program (RSDP)
    111. Rajush Shechchasebi Shangstha
    112. Rakhaine Development Foundation (RDF)
    113. Ramkrishna Mission
    114. Ramnathpur Bahumukhi Nabayan Sangha
    115. Rangamati Development Associates (RDA)
    116. Rangdhanu Artha Samajik Unnayan Sangstha
    117. Rangdhanu Society
    118. Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Service (RDRS)
    119. Rangpur Health & Blind Care Foundation
    120. Rangpur Unnayan Samajik Sangstha
    121. Rays of Hope Bangladesh
    122. Reach to Unreached (RUN)
    123. Reaching People in Need (RPN)
    124. Redeem for Wisdom Education Development and Manner (RWEDM)
    125. Refugee and Migratory Movement Research Unit
    126. Regenerative Action for Kelaidoskapik Human Activities and Learning (RAKHAL)
    127. Rehabilitation Centre for Prostitutes and Rootless Children (PARC)
    128. Rehabilitation of Development People (RDP)
    129. Reliant Women Development Organization (RWDO)
    130. Relief International
    131. Reproductive Health Services Training and Education Programme (RH-STEP)
    132. Research & Development Collective
    133. Research and Rehabilitation Program for the Disabled (RRD)
    134. Research On Old Towns and Subarbs (ROOTS)
    135. Research, Training and Management International
    136. Resorce Development Foundation (RDF)
    137. Resource Bangladesh
    138. Resource Initives Bangladesh (RIB)
    139. Resource Integration and Social Development Association Bangladesh(RISDA)
    140. Resource Integration Centre (RIC)
    141. Resource Mobilization for Development
    142. Rights and Empowerment for Disabled (RED)
    143. Rights and Sight for Children (RSC)
    144. Rights Jessore
    145. Rising Popular Optional Foundation (RPO)
    146. Rissho Kosei-Kai, Bangladesh
    147. Rodem Foundation
    148. Rokeya Foundation
    149. Rokeya Health & Educatin Foundation
    150. Room to Read Bangladesh
    151. Roots Bangladesh
    152. Roots Social Development Programme
    153. Ropali Halth Care Foundation
    154. ROVA Foundation
    155. Rupali
    156. Rupali Setu Bandhan Samaj Kallayan Sangstha
    157. Rupantar
    158. Rupashi Bangla Unnayan Sangstha
    159. RUPSA-Rural & Urban Poors Partner for Social Advancement
    160. Rural Advancement Committee for Bangladesh-RAC-Bangladesh
    161. Rural Advancement Council (RAC)
    162. Rural Agricultural Social Development (RASDE)
    163. Rural and Urban Dev. and Impro. of Socio Econ. Facilities (RUDISEF)
    164. Rural Association for Development
    165. Rural Conscionesness Unit (RCU)
    166. Rural Development & Educational Organization
    167. Rural Development & Health Centre Foundation
    168. Rural Development Associate
    169. Rural Development Concern
    170. Rural Development Foundation (RDF)
    171. Rural Development Sangstha (RDS)
    172. Rural Development Society (RDS)
    173. Rural Development Society (RDS)
    174. Rural Economic and Agricultural Development Organization ofBangladesh (READOB)
    175. Rural Economic and Social Welfare Organisation (RESWO)
    176. Rural Economic Development Association (REDA)
    177. Rural Economical Development Organisation (REDO)
    178. Rural Effective Social Development Organisation (RESDO)
    179. Rural Energy and Development Initiative (REDI)
    180. Rural Establishment Organization (REO)
    181. Rural Health and Development Society
    182. Rural Health Education & Credit Organisation (RHECO)
    183. Rural Investment Multipurpose Society (RIMS)
    184. Rural Organisation for Social Affairs (ROSA)
    185. Rural People Development Songstha
    186. Rural Planning & Development Organization (RPDO)
    187. Rural Poverty Alleviation Association (RUPAA)
    188. Rural Reconstruction Foundation(RRF)
    189. Rural Society Development Association (RSDA)
    190. Rural Society Development Program (RSDP)
    191. Rural Underprivileged and Landless Farmer’s Organisation
    192. Rural Vision
    193. Rural Women Development Association (RWDA)
    194. Rurowa Laue Tathang (RLT)
    195. Rustic
    196. Ahmed Foundation
    197. Saadat Smriti Sadan
    198. Sabalamby Unnayan Samity
    199. Sabuj Kalyan Sangstha
    200. Sabujer Ovizan Foundation
    201. Sachatan Shahajja Sangstha
    202. Sachetan
    203. Sachetan Karma Sahayak Sangstha
    204. SAD Bangladesh
    205. SAFE (Social Activities for Environment)
    206. Safe Foundation
    207. Safety & Rights Society
    208. Safollomoy Samaj Kallyan Unnayan Sangstha
    209. Safollow Shastho O Shikkha Unnayan Foundation
    210. Sagarika Samaj Unnayan Sangstha
    211. Sahco Development Centre (SDC)
    212. Saint Bangladesh
    213. Sajida Foundation
    214. Sa-Karma Samaj Seba Sangstha
    215. SAKO (Social Advancement of Kinetic Organization)
    216. Saleh Family Foundation
    217. Salenka Katt Shilpa Sramik Kalyan Samity
    218. Salma Foundation
    219. Salman Shah Manab Kallyan Sangstha
    220. SALMANS
    221. Salpobitto Paribar Unnayan Kendra
    222. Salt Financial Literacy International, Inc.
    223. Salvation Army The
    224. Salvation for the Deserving (SFD)
    225. Salvation of women Local Association (SAWLA)
    226. Samadhan
    227. Samahar
    228. Samaj Jagoran O Unnayan Kendra
    229. Samaj Kallan Bahumukhi Unnayan Sangstha
    230. Samaj Kalyan O Palli Unnayan Sangstha
    231. Samaj Kalyan O Unnayan Shangstha (SKUS)
    232. Samaj Kalyan Parishad
    233. Samaj Kalyan Prokalpa (Sankalpa)
    234. Samaj Kalyan Samity (SKS)
    235. Samaj O Jati Gathan (SOJAG)
    236. Samaj Paribartan Kendra-SPK
    237. Samaj Progoti Parishad
    238. Samaj Progoti Sangstha
    239. Samaj Seba Sangstha
    240. Samaj Unnayan Jubo Parishad
    241. Samaj Unnayan Kendra (SUK)
    242. Samaj Unnayan Palli Sangstha
    243. Samaj Unnayan Proshikhan Kendra
    244. Samaj Unnayan Proyash
    245. Samaj Unnayan Samity
    246. Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (Dhaka)
    247. Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (SUS)
    248. Samaj Unnayan Sangstha Comilla
    249. Samaj Unnayan Sangstha-Khulna
    250. Samaj Unnayan-O-Paribar Porikalpana Sangstha
    251. Samajic Kallyan Sangstha
    252. Samajik Sheba Shonghothon
    253. Samajik Unnayan Sangstha
    254. Samakal Samaj Unnayan Sangstha
    255. Samannita Jono Kalyan Kendra
    256. Samannita Palli O Krishi Unnayan Kendra
    257. Samannita Unnayan Sangstha
    258. Samannito Unnayan Seba Sangathan
    259. Samata
    260. Samata Nari Kalyan Sangstha
    261. Samata Unnayan Sangstha
    262. Sammya Mohila Unnayan Sangstha
    263. Samonnito Manob Unnyan Sangstha
    264. Samsal Bangladesh (Skip A Meal Save A Life)
    265. Sanchay
    266. Sancred Welfare Foundation(SWF)
    267. Sandhan
    268. Sangjog
    269. Sangkalpa Trust
    270. Sangram (Sangathita Gram Unnayan Karmasuchi)
    271. Sangskar
    272. Sanjivani Manabik Unnayan Sangstha
    273. Sanjog Bangladesh
    274. Santal Mission Norwegian Board
    275. Saptadinga
    276. Saptagram Nari Swanirvar Parishad
    277. Saraswatipur Academy
    278. Sardar Sultan Mahmood Welfare Foundation
    279. Sa-Riday Foundation
    280. Sarkar Pasa Welfare Trust
    281. Sarnali Mohila Samity (SMS)
    282. Satata Sangstha
    283. Satata Unnayan Sangstha
    284. Sathi Samaj Kallyan Samiti
    285. Satkhira Development Association (SDA)
    286. Satkhira Shisu Hospital
    287. Satkhira Unnayan Sangstha
    288. Satsango Palli Kalyan Samity
    289. Save Our Life (SOL)
    290. Save The Children (USA)
    291. Save The Children Fund (Australia)
    292. Save The Children Fund (UK)
    293. Save the Children International
    294. Save the Children-Sweden
    295. Save the Country
    296. Save the Farmers
    297. Save the Planet and Disability (SPD)
    298. Save the Women and Children (SWC)
    299. Save Urban and Rural Poor (SURP)
    300. Saviour
    301. Sayapath
    302. Sayed Nur Uddin Ahmed Development Foundation
    303. Seba Artha Samajik Unnayan Sangstha
    304. Seba Manabik Unnayan Kendra
    305. Seba Manob Kallyan Kendra
    306. Seba Nari O Shishu Kallyan Kendra
    307. Seba Samaj Kalyan Sangstha
    308. Seba Sangha
    309. Seba Sangstha
    310. Sebika Songstha
    311. Sechashebi Bahumukhi Mohila Samaj Kalyan Samity
    312. Seecoor
    313. Sefar World
    314. SEID (Society for Education and Inclusion of the Disabled)
    315. Sejuti Health & Education Development Foundation (SHEDF)
    316. Self Development
    317. Self Development Initiative (SDI)
    318. Self Help Association for Rural People Through Education and Entre- preneurship (SHAREE)
    319. Self-Help and Rehabilitation Programme (SHARP)
    320. Serac Bangladesh
    321. Serve the People
    322. Service and Assistance to Helps the Initiators
    323. Service and Vision for Edify (SAVE)
    324. Service Civil International (SCI) Bangladesh
    325. Service Emergency For Rural People (SERP)
    326. Service for Equity and Economic Development (SEED)
    327. Services for Development Initiative (SDI)
    328. SERWTCI (Self Employment for Rural Destitute Women through Cottage Industries)
    329. Sesame Workshop Bangladesh
    330. SETU
    331. Seventh Day Adventist Church of Bangladesh
    332. Shabujer Jattra
    333. Shah Waliullah Islamic Centre-Bangladesh
    334. Shahai Foundation, Cox’sBazar
    335. Shahbag Jamea Madania Qusimul Ulum Orphanage
    336. Shahid Dr. Fazla Rabbi Foundation
    337. Shahid Smritee Sangha
    338. Shahjira Mohila & Shishu Unnayan Sangstha
    339. Shakaler Janna Kalyan
    340. Shakkhor Enviroment & Education Development Society
    341. Shakti Foundation for the Disadvantaged Women
    342. Shamaj Gram O Shahar Unnayan Sangstha
    343. Shamali Samaj Kalyan Samity (SSKS)
    344. Shamsuddin-Nahar-Trust
    345. Shamunnay
    346. Shandhanee Sangstha
    347. Shantakali Samaj Kallyan Samity
    348. Shantir Neer Unnayan Society
    349. Shapla Ful
    350. Shapla Gram Unnayan Sangstha
    351. Shapla Mohila Sangstha
    352. Shapla Neer (Help Bangladesh Committee)
    353. Shapla Rural Development Society (SRDS)
    354. Shapla Samaj Unnayan Kendra
    355. Shapla Shamaj Unnayan Sangstha (SSUS)
    356. Shaplaful Social Development Organization (SSDO)
    357. Shapna-Foundation
    358. Sharan
    359. Share
    360. Share-Bangladesh
    361. Shariatpur Development Society (SDS)
    362. Sharing Resources and Initiatives for Sustainable Technical Inovations
    363. SHARIPS (Sourc of Hope and Ambition Ristoring Encouragment and Anding Futile Struggle)
    364. Sharjah Charity International
    365. Shastha-O-Kalyan Sangstha
    366. Shathi
    367. Shathi Samaj Unnayan Sangstha
    368. Shaw Unnayan
    369. Shawdesh Unnayan Kendra (SUK)
    370. Sheba Bangladesh Foundation
    371. Sheba Bondhan Kollyan Society
    372. Shehora Bahumukhi Samaj Kalyan Samity
    373. Shelter
    374. Shelter Samaj Kallayan Sangstha
    375. Shelter Urban & Rural Development Centre
    376. Shetu Bangladesh
    377. Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha
    378. Shikha Samaj Kallayan Sangstha
    379. Shikkha Shastha Unnayan Karzakram (SHISUK)
    380. Shimantik
    381. Shishu Chikitsha Kendra
    382. Shishu Mongal Samaj Kalyan Samity
    383. Shishu Neer Bangladesh
    384. Shishu Niketan
    385. Shishu Niloy Foundation
    386. Shishu Shastha Foundation
    387. Shishu Tori Sangstha
    388. Shohanabhuti Bangladesh Trust (SBT)
    389. Shoishab Bangladesh.
    390. Shokol Manusher Jannya (SHOMAJ)
    391. Shomabesh Institute (SI)
    392. Shram Unnayan Sangstha (SUS)
    393. Shristy Samaj Kallayan Mohila Sangstha
    394. Shu Samaj Foundation
    395. Shuktara Nari Kallyan Sangstha
    396. Shuranjana Social Service Association
    398. Shushilan
    399. Shuvechchha Aids Preventive and Drug De-Addiction Centre
    400. Siam Shikha & Shastha Unnayan Sangstha
    401. Sibali Tribal Textile
    402. Sight Savers-Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind
    403. Sil International
    404. Singher Khajura Bastuhara Samaj Kalyan Samity
    405. Sinnomul Mohila Samity
    406. Sir William Beveridge Foundation
    407. Sirajgonj Uttaran Mohila Sangstha
    408. Sisu Sorgho
    409. Sitara Salaha Foundation
    410. Skill Development for Underprivileged Women
    411. SKILLS
    412. SKS Foundation
    413. Small Kindness Bangladesh
    414. SMC (Sacheon Multi Cultural Intigration Support Center
    415. Smile Social Welfare Association
    416. Smyrna Development Society
    417. SNV Netherlands Development Organization, Bangladesh
    418. Social & Cultural Development Foundation
    419. Social & Economic Enhencedment Programme (SEEP)
    420. Social Action for Voluntary Efforts
    421. Social Advancement and Reconstruction Association (SARA)
    422. Social Advancement and Rehabilitation Centre (SARC)
    423. Social Advancement and Village Economic (SAVE)
    424. Social Advancement Centre (SAC)
    425. Social Advancement Community Organization
    426. Social Advancement Development Organisation (SADO)
    427. Social Advancement for Peoples Liberation Agency (SAPLA)
    428. Social Advancement For Rural Mass (SARM)
    429. Social Advancement for Rural Poor
    430. Social Advancement Program & Networking Organization
    431. Social Advancement Society (SAS)
    432. Social Advancement Through Unity
    433. Social Aid in Bangladesh
    434. Social and Agriculture Development Organization (ISADO)
    435. Social and Economic Benevolent Association (SEBA)
    436. Social Assistance & Rehabilitation For the Physically Vulnerable(SARPV)
    437. Social Assistance for Community Development (SADC)
    438. Social Association for Rural Advancement(SARA)
    439. Social Development Association Comilla
    440. Social Development Organisation (SDO)
    441. Social Development Organization of Bangladesh (SDOB)
    442. Social Development Program (SODEP)
    443. Social Development Services (SDS)
    444. Social Development Society (SDS)
    445. Social Edification of Benign Acimilation Society(SEBA)
    446. Social Education & Economic Development Organization for the Needy
    447. Social Environment and Rural Development Organisation (SERDO)
    448. Social Equality for Effective Development (SEED)
    449. Social Health and Education Development Board (SHED-Board)
    450. Social Initiative for Human Development
    451. Social Institute
    452. Social Motivatin Service (SMS)
    453. Social Organisation for Movement and Independent Knowledges (SOMIK)
    454. Social Organization for Develoment of Abandoned Children (SODAC)
    455. Social Organization for Life & Creation (SOLC)
    456. Social Organization for Rural Development (SORD)
    457. Social Outreach Program For Development
    458. Social Progress Services (SPS)
    459. Social Prosperity by Native Organization (SOPNO)
    460. Social Reconstruction Action
    461. Social Service Society
    462. Social Un-obstructive Help Association (SUHA)
    463. Social Upliftment Society (SUS)
    464. Social Welfare Advancement Committee (SWACO)
    465. Social Welfare Association for Total Community
    466. Social Welfare Improvement Trust (SWIT)
    467. Social Women Organisation for Village Advancement (SWOVA)
    468. Social Work for Awarness Development Environment & Social Health (SWADESH)
    469. Society Development Agency
    470. Society Development Committee
    471. Society Exhort Relation and Vocational Education (SERVE)
    472. Society for Action Research & Development (SARD)
    473. Society for Advancement in Education and Training
    474. Society for Advancement of Rural Area
    475. Society for Alleviation of Rural Poverty (SARP)
    476. Society for Assistance to Hearing Impaired Children (SAHIC)
    477. Society for Awareness & Development of Disabled
    478. Society for Biodiversity Conservation (SBC)
    479. Society for Bright Social Services
    480. Society for Development Initiatives (SDI)
    481. Society for Development Support (SDS)
    482. Society for Economic & Basic Advancement (SEBA), The
    483. Society for Economic & Environmental Development (SEED)
    484. Society for Education & Care of Hearing Impaired Children of Bangladesh
    485. Society for Education in Theatre
    486. Society for Education of the Intelectually Disabled, Bangladesh
    487. Society for Empowerment,Education and Development
    488. Society for Environmennt & Human Development (SEHD)
    489. Society for Environment & Development Observer (SDO)
    490. Society for Health Extension & Development (SHED)
    491. Society for Idea in rural and Social Development
    492. Society for Integrated Women Progress (SIWP)
    493. Society for International Ministries (SIM)
    494. Society for Lowest Urban Mass
    495. Society for Participatory Action & Reflection
    496. Society for Participatory Economic Social Development
    497. Society for Participatory Education and Development (SPED)
    498. Society for People’s Action in Change Equity (SPACE)
    499. Society for Peoples Advancement (SPA)
    500. Society for Peoples Education Empowerment and Development Trust
    501. Society for Peoples Initiative
    502. Society for Project Implementation Research & Evaluation(SPIRE)
    503. Society for Promotion of Bangladesh Art
    504. Society for Rehabilitation of Autistic Children (SRAC)
    505. Society for Rehabilitation of Burn Victims (SRBV)
    506. Society for Research, Disability and Development (SRDD)
    507. Society for Rural Women & Child Development
    508. Society for Social Advancement of Rural People
    509. Society for Social Services (SSS)
    510. Society for Sustainable Development for the Rural & Urban Area
    511. Society for Sylhet Resources Advancement Community
    512. Society for the Eradication of Illiteracy,Poverty, enemployment and Pollution (SEIPAP)
    513. Society for the Project Implementation Research Evaluation & Training (SOPIRET)
    514. Society for the Promotion of Human Rights (SPHR)
    515. Society for the Welfare of Autistic Children (SWAC)
    516. Society for the Welfare of the Intelectually Disabled- Bangladesh (SWID-B)
    517. Society for Training and Rehabilitation (STAR)
    518. Society for Uddog
    519. Society for Under Privileged Families (SUF)
    520. Society for Urban & Rural Advancement Committee (SURA)
    521. Society for Urban and Rural Human Integrated Development (SURHID)
    522. Society for Voluntary Activities
    523. Society of Justice
    524. Society of Poor and Helpless
    525. Society of Progressive Action for Needy (SOPAN)
    526. Society of Social and Technological Support
    527. Society of Upgrading Life (SOUL)
    528. Socio Economic & Environment Development Society
    529. Socio Economic & Rural Advancement Committee (SERAC)
    530. Socio Economic Bucking.Association-Seba
    531. Socio Economic Development Action Programme (SEDAP)
    532. Socio Economic Development Allaince (SIDA)
    533. Socio Economic Development Assisting Center (SEDAC)
    534. Socio Economic Development Organization for the Poor (SEDOP)
    535. Socio Economic Development Programme
    536. Socio Economic Environmental Development Organization
    537. Socio Economic Health Education Organization
    538. Socio Economic Welfare Activities (SEWA)
    539. Socio Health and Rehabilitation Programme (SHARP)
    540. Socio-Economic and Rural Advancement Association (SERA)
    541. Socio-Economic Development Agency of Bangladesh (SEDAB)
    542. Socio-Economic Development Association (SEDA)
    543. Socio-Economic Development Association Bangladesh (SEDA-Bangladesh)
    544. Socio-Economic Development Association for Disabled (SEDAD)
    545. Sodesh (Society of Development & Education for Small Household)
    546. Sohai Bangladesh
    547. Sohay
    548. Solidarided Network Asia
    549. Solidarities International
    550. Solidarity
    551. Solinfo Association
    552. Somaj Unnoyan Karjocrom (SUK)
    553. Sonali Songha
    554. Sonali Unnayan Foundation Bangladesh)
    555. Sonar Bangla Foundation (SBF)
    556. Sonar Bangla Foundation Bangladesh
    557. Sonar Bangla Samaj Kallyan Sangstha (SOBASKS)
    558. Sonar Bangla Unnayan Sangstha
    559. Songshoptaque
    560. SONNE International, Austria
    561. Sopnil Bright Foundation
    562. SOS – Children’s Village International in Bangladesh
    563. South Asia Partnership Bangladesh (SAP-B)
    564. Southern Gono Unnayan Samity
    565. Southern Socio-economic Development Program (SSDP)
    566. Southpoint Integrated Rural Deelopment Association of Bangladesh (SIRDAB)
    567. Sowravi Samaj Kallayan Sangstha
    568. Spaandan B.
    569. Speed Bangladesh
    570. Sports and Cultural Society of the Disable
    571. Spreeha Bangladesh Foundation
    572. Sramajibi-O-Dustha Kallyan Sangstha
    573. Srijan Mohila Sangstha(SMS)
    574. Srimangal Foundation (SF)
    575. Sristi Samaj Kallyan Sangstha
    576. Sristy Samajik Unnayan Sangstha
    577. Srizoneshil Mohila Unnayan Sangstha
    578. SRIZONY Bangladesh
    579. Srotodhara Foundation
    580. Step Towards Empowerment of the Poor (STEP)
    581. Steps Towards Development (STD)
    582. Sthaniya Unnayan Sangstha
    583. Stiching Land Ontwikkelings Project Bangladesh (SLOPB)
    584. Stichting Max Foundation
    585. STR Foundation
    586. Street Children Partners Bangladesh
    587. Stretched Arm Society-Bangladesh
    588. Stromme Foundation
    589. Subah Samajik Unnayan Sangstha
    590. Subarna Gram Foundation
    591. Suchana Samaj Kallyan Sanghtha
    592. Suchana Samaj Unnayan Sangstha
    593. Suchana Sashtha O Shikka Foundation
    594. Suchona Foundation
    595. Sudipti Samaj Unnayan Sangstha
    596. Sukhi Manush
    597. Sun Flower
    598. Sunbulah Welfare Association
    599. Sundarban Adibashi Mund Sangstha
    600. Sundarban Bohumukhi Grameen Unnayan Prokalpa
    601. Sunity Sangha
    602. Supoth
    603. Support For Development (SFD)
    604. Support the Old and Families in Transition (SOFT)
    605. Suprobhat Nari Progoti Sangstha
    606. Suprovati
    607. Suravi Samaj Kallayan Sangosha(SSKS)
    608. Surid Bangladesh
    609. Surja Setu Samaj Kalyan Sangstha
    610. Surja Shikha
    611. Surjamukhi Mohila Samaj Kalyan Sangstha (SMKS)
    612. Surjamukhi Sangstha
    613. Surjamukhi Shisu Sangha (SSS)
    614. Surovi
    615. Survival
    616. Surzomukhi Satkhira (SMS)
    617. Sushasoner Jonny Procharavizan (SUPRO)
    618. Sustainable Development for Vulnerable Peoples in Bangladesh
    619. Sustainable Development Networking Foundation (SDNE)
    620. Sustainable Social Service
    621. Sustainable Upliftment Initiative Trust
    622. SWAB (Social Agency for Welfare and Advancement in Bangladesh)
    623. Swabolombee Society
    624. Swadesh Developmen Foundation
    625. Swadesh Unnayan Sangstha
    626. Swadesh Unnayan Sangstha Gopalgonj (SUSG)
    627. Swa-Jib Society
    628. Swanirvar Bangladesh
    629. Swarna Bangladesh
    630. Swisscontact-Bangladesh
    631. Syayakanun Unnayan Sangstha
    632. Sylhet Jubo Academy
    633. Sylhet Samaj Kallyan Sangstha
    634. Symbiosis Bangladesh
    635. Syngenta Foundation Bangladesh
    636. Tabibur Rashed Chowdhury Health & Education
    637. Tact for Rural Development
    638. Takaful Charity Society
    639. Tamanna Foundation
    640. Tangail Disabled Peoples Organization to Development (Tangail_DPOD)
    641. Tangail Protibandhi Unnayan Sangstha
    642. Tangail Rural Development Cell (TRDC)
    643. Tangail Samaj Unnayan Sangstha
    644. Taraf Sartaj Shanti Shangha
    645. TARANGO (Training Assistance & Rural Advancement Non-Government Org.)
    646. Tarango Multipurpose Development Center
    647. Taroom Development Organization (TDO)
    648. Tauri Foundation
    649. Teach for Bangladesh
    650. Tear Fund
    651. Technical Assistance for Rural Development (TARD)
    652. Techno Dia
    653. Technological Assistance For Rural Advancement (TARA)
    654. Technologies for Development
    655. Terre des Homes Foundation- Italy
    656. Terre-Des-Homes (Netherlands)
    657. Terre-Des-Homes Foundation (Swiss)
    658. Thanapara Swallows Development Society
    659. The Bangladesh Law and Society Trust
    660. The Centers for International Programs, Inc.
    661. The Choice to Change Foundation
    662. The Coastal Rural and Urban Poor Development Association (The CRUPDA)
    663. The Foundation for Charitable Activities in Bangladesh
    664. The Foundation for Health Education Service and Research
    665. The Fred Hollows Foundation Bangladesh
    666. The Glencoe Foundation
    667. The Global Alliance for Improved Nutirtion
    668. The Good Earth
    669. The Humanitarian & Saving Lives Trust
    670. The Micro Nutrient Initiative (MI)
    671. The Optimists
    672. The Reiyukai Bangladesh
    673. The Sreepur Village Bangladesh
    674. The Swallows India Bangladesh
    675. The Zakat Foundation of America Bangladesh
    676. Thikana
    677. Thikana Sangstha
    678. Tilottama Voluntary Women’s Organisation
    679. TMSS
    680. Tonga
    681. Toruchaya Samaj Kallyan Samittee
    682. Toymu
    683. Traid Craft Exchange
    684. Transform Aid International Bangladesh
    685. Transparency International Bangladesh Chapter
    686. Tranzsend-Bangladesh
    687. Tribedi Women Social Development Association
    688. Trinamool
    689. Trinamool Manobik Unnayan Sangstha
    690. Trinamool Unnayan Sangstha (TUS)
    691. Trinamul Unnayan Sangstha
    692. Tripartite Development Council (TDC)
    693. Trust for the Rehabilitation of The Paralysed
    694. Trust Social Develoment Organization
    695. Turning Point Bangladesh
    696. Uchicago Research Bangladesh LLC
    697. Uday
    698. Udayan Bangladesh
    699. Udayan Samaj Kallan Samity (USKS)
    700. Udayan Shabolombi Sangstha
    701. Udayankur Seba Sangstha (USS)
    702. Uddagi Mohila Samity
    703. Uddam Bahumukhi Samaj Kalyan Sangstha
    704. Uddam Bangladesh
    705. Uddogta Unnayan Shanstha
    706. Uddyog
    707. Udvaboni Mohila Sangstha (UMS)
    708. UJON
    709. UK-Bangladesh Development Initiative
    710. Ulashi Srijani Sangha USS)
    711. Underprivileged Peoples Development Organisation (UPPO)
    712. Underprivilleged Children’sEducational Programs (UCEP)
    713. Union of Social Hostages for Advancement (USHA)
    714. Unitarian Service Committee of Canada in Bangladesh
    715. Unitarian Service for Development & Peace
    716. Unite Theatre for Social Action (UTSA)
    717. United Development Foundation
    718. United Development Initiative for Programmed Action (UDIPAN)
    719. United Efforts for Rural Development
    720. United Kingdom Bangladesh Education Trust (UKBET)
    721. United Progress in Agricultural Yield (UPAY)
    722. United Social Advancement
    723. United Social Human Advancement Foundation (USHA)
    724. United Social Organization
    725. Unity Through Population Service
    726. University Research Co.LLC. Centre for Human Services
    727. Unmesh
    728. Unnata Bangladesh
    729. Unnata Paribar Gathan Mahila Sangstha-Gaibandha
    730. Unnata Paribesh Unnata Jibon Society
    731. UNNAYAN
    732. Unnayan Dhara
    733. Unnayan O Shikkha Proshar Trust
    734. Unnayan Parishad
    735. Unnayan Prochesta
    736. Unnayan Sahayak Sangstha (USS)
    737. Unnayan Sangha
    738. Unnayan Shahojogyi Team (UST)
    739. Unnayan Shescha Sheba Karjakaram (USAKA)
    740. Unnayan Shohojogi Shangstha-Bonarpara
    741. Unnoto Paribar Gothan Mohila Sangstha
    742. Unnyan Goveshona Foundation
    743. Upacol (Unity for Programmed Action in Coastal Lands)
    744. Upakar
    745. Upama Mohila Unnayan Protishtan
    746. Upama-Unnayan Parikalpanay Manush
    747. Upon Uddagh Sangstha
    748. USHA (Unity for Social & Human Action)
    749. Usha Samaj Kallayan Shangstha
    750. UTSHARGO
    751. Utsho Bangladesh
    752. Uttar Basuria Welfare Sangstha
    753. Uttara Development Program Society (UDPS)
    754. Uttara Samaj Kallyan Sangshad
    755. UTTARAN
    756. Uttaran Samaj Kallyan Samity
    757. Uttaran Samajik Unnayan Sangstha
    758. Uttorayon Jono Kalyan Mohila Somity
    759. Uzan
    760. Valiant Welfare Research Society (VWRS)
    761. Victory of Development Society
    762. Village & City Development Society
    763. Village Aid Bangladesh
    764. Village Associaton for Social Development (VASD)
    765. Village Development Association
    766. Village Development Network (VDN)
    767. Village Development Society
    768. Village Economical Development Centre
    769. Village Education Resource Centre(VERC)
    770. Village Initiative for Empowerment of Women (VIEW)
    771. Village Integrated Development Association (VIDA)
    772. Village Reconstruction Institute (VRI)
    773. Village Research & Service Centre
    774. Village Social Association
    775. Vision Bangladesh
    776. Vision Bangladesh Health & Education Society (VBHES)
    777. Vocational Training Centre for the Blind
    778. Voice & Views
    779. Voices for Interactive Choice & Empowerment (VOICE)
    780. Voluntary Association for Family Welfare and Social Development
    781. Voluntary Association for Rural Development (VARD)
    782. Voluntary Association for Rural Development of Bangladesh
    783. Voluntary Family Development Association (VFDA)
    784. Voluntary Family Welfare Association
    785. Voluntary Health Services Society (VHSS)
    786. Voluntary Organisation for Rural Development (VORD)
    787. Voluntary Organisation for Social Development (VOSD)
    788. Voluntary Organisation for the Needy (VON)
    789. Voluntary Organization for Social Development Magura (VOSD-Magura)
    790. Voluntary Paribar Kalyan Association
    791. Voluntary Rural Development Society (VRDS)
    792. Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)
    793. Volunteers Association for Bangladesh
    794. Vramangaon Dustha Mohila Kallayan Samity
    795. Wach Bangladesh
    796. Wajifa Noor Ashmatia Foundation
    797. Warapunya Bouddha Anathalaya
    798. Warbe Development Foundation
    799. Waste Concern
    800. Water & Life Bangladesh
    801. Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor
    802. Water Aid
    803. Water Org.
    804. Wave Foundation
    805. Welfare Association
    806. Welfare Association for Rootless (WAR)
    807. Welfare Association for Social Development and Poverty Alleviation (WASDPA)
    808. Welfare Association Fujairah
    809. Welfare Association of Repatriated Bangladeshi Employees
    810. Welfare Centre for the Disabled (WCD)
    811. Welfare Efforts
    812. Well International
    813. Wildlife Conservation Society
    814. Wildteam Ltd.
    815. Winrock International Institute For Agriculture Development
    816. Wish
    817. Women Commission For Development in Bangladesh
    818. Women Community Development in Bangladesh
    819. Women Development Organization (WDO)
    820. Women Empowerment & Environment Development Orga
    821. Women Empowerment Foundation (WEF)
    822. Women Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO)
    823. Women For Women
    824. Women Job Creation Centre
    825. Women Welfare Organization
    826. Women with Disabilities Development Foundation
    827. Women’s Initiatives for Self-Support and Empowerment (WISE) Foundation
    828. Work and Rural Development (WARD)
    829. Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB Trust)
    830. Working for Better Life
    831. World Assembly of Muslim Youths
    832. World Concern
    833. World Harvest Society of Bangladesh
    834. World Life
    835. World Mission Prayer League (Lamb Hospital)
    836. World Peace and Economic Development Organization (WPEDO)
    837. World Renew
    838. World View International Foundation
    839. World View Intrnational Foundation
    840. World Vision Bangladesh
    841. Yardimeli International Humanitarian Relief Organization
    842. Young Power in Social Action
    843. Young Women’s Christian Association of Bangladesh
    844. Younus Foundation
    845. Youth Action for Social Advancement (YASA)
    846. Youth Initiative for Socio-Economic Activiti (YISEA)
    847. Yusuf Memorial Trust
    848. Zabarang Kalyan Samity
    849. Zagoroni
    850. Zam Zam Bangladesh
    851. Zaman Social Development Foundation
    852. Zhumka Hasta Shilpa Mahila Samity
    853. Zibika

    Referrence: Bangladesh Government

    Conclusion: Though there are many Non- Government Organization operated, these are not sufficient for the socio-economic development in this country. So, we should establish more NGO in Bangladesh to increase our economic growth. These are the top 10 NGO list in Bangladesh that is helping the most. Thanks for being with us.


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