Cadet College Result 2024:

26 / 100

Cadet College Result 2024 for class 7 admission has been published. This is a type of written exam result. The Cadet College Merit list will be used for admission of students in government cadet colleges for the academic year 2023-2024. However, the selected students will be interviewed to prepare the final merit list. Based on the interview and Medical Test, Cadet College Final Result 2024 will be published and admission will be completed. The written test result and Interview schedule will be known through the website

Cadet College Written Result 2024

The Cadet College Admission Test was held on December 23, 2023. This examination is held in various cadet colleges and venues in the country. According to the notification, the result of the written examination is to be published on 5 February 2024. Given this, Cadet College Result 2024 has been published today. This is the written exam result. Simultaneously, the Viva voce and health test schedule has been released. Further instructions have also been published.

How to Check Cadet College Result?

As per the Cadet College Admission Circular and Prospectus, Cadet College Class 7 Admission Result 2024 will be released through the website. Also, the result will be known from the notice boards of all the cadet colleges. For online cadet college results, viva, and health test schedule what to do is-

  1. First, you need to visit website.
  2. Then you need to enter the notice option.
  3. Click on the result link from here.
  4. Download the Results and Schedule PDF.
  5. You have to know the result through the roll number.
  6. If selected, follow the next instructions.
Cadet College Admission Result 2024-1

Cadet College Admission Result 2024-2
Cadet College Admission Result 2024-3
Cadet College Admission Result 2024-4
Cadet College Admission Result 2024-5
Cadet College Admission Result 2024-6
Cadet College Admission Result 2024-7
Cadet College Admission Result 2024-8
Cadet College Admission Result 2024-9
Cadet College Admission Result 2024-10

Cadet College Result 2024 PDF Download

The Cadet College Result 2024 can be downloaded in PDF format from the website. Also, a PDF of the Cadet College Class 7 result can be downloaded from the website.

Interview Schedule

The Cadet College Admission Test Result 2024 is published along with the Viva Voce schedule. At the same time, the Health Test schedule has also been published. All the students selected in the written test will have to clear the interview and health test.

Cadet College Final Result 2024

The Cadet College Final Result 2024 has been released based on the Viva voce and health test. Students who pass the viva voce and health tests are shortlisted for admission. Cadet College Merit List 2024 has been released based on the results of the written test result, interview, and health test. At the same time, the waiting list is published. After completing the admission from the merit list, the admission will be called from the waiting list. If any student on the merit list does not complete the admission within the stipulated time, his/her nomination will be canceled. Vacant seats will be filled from the waiting list.

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